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Danny 👻

Flutter Enthusiast 💙 | Software Engineer @deckweissdev 🧑‍💻 | your Flutter mentor 🚀 | addicted to learning 📚 | Pop Punk lover 🎸 | DM's are open 📬

@chiziaruhoma @Stan_Ezeaku @FlutterComm @biz84 @remi_rousselet @olu_tayormi @bitrise @codemagicio @appcircleio XCod…

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 macOS Developer | Orthodontist | Drone Pilot

Apple, I want the invitation for Xcode Cloud beta, not Safari 15 beta :(

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Anika Seibezeder

Mobile Computing student by day 🎓 iOS Developer by night 📱

Has anyone else also not yet received an invitation for the Xcode cloud beta? 🤔 Wanted to try it out, but I guess I…

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Nerd, Tech guy, Archer, Father, Husband, innovates through understanding

@FDeitelhoff Not worth the hassle. Developing with XCode alone is enough pain :). Using cloud-based Macs might be…

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DSA - No ! There is no switch to turn it off !

Human from Earth - Digital Native - he/er

Holy cow... CI/CD from apple o_O

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Eric Lewis

SwiftUI @ SeedFi, @NearForm Alumni, Ex iOS @Chime - featured by Apple. Proud Nerd. Non-binary and neurodiverse. #BLM

@dasdom @davidgarywood Maybe Xcode cloud will help?

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🇵🇰 🇺🇸 founder @districtzeroapp - building healthy technology for all - former @ga @innit @apple #cleu

🛠 Development Tools GitHub @github CircleCI @CircleCI Xcode @apple JetBrains @jetbrains App Store Connect @AppStore…

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좋은 거 볼라고 만든 계정! 그런 의미에서 봊이 빨고 싶다......츄릅

@on_cloud__nine 나도 맛있지만 너도 맛있을 듯

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Scott Anguish

Ex-Apple Dev Pubs (12+yrs, remote). Wanna go back. Ex-Simple. macOS & iOS senior engineer. Published author. OCD (Photo credit:me on Mount Hood, OR)

@ocaiquemartins It seems an issue. Lol Bitbucket cloud has a horrible interface for it which is a huge problem. I…

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Conrad Braam🤖

Samsung S7: Software Engineer, Electronics hobby hacker, Christian, Foreign invader.

RT @kharrison: So what’s the motivation for Xcode 13 changing the way it manages Info.plist (for projects created with Xcode 13). Something…

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Keith Harrison

So what’s the motivation for Xcode 13 changing the way it manages Info.plist (for projects created with Xcode 13).…

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Erik Lippmann

Software architect & lead iOS software engineer @ AOK Systems, father of three, husband, opinions are my own

@EddyVinckk @ufa_iskhakov Currently Jenkins CI, hopefully Xcode Cloud very soon.

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Unityとか自作アプリとかOculus Quest2とか、気まぐれに発信します。 最近は、自作ゲーム「爆走!ドライビングスクールシミュレーター」のアプデと、Quest2でVRテストを頑張ってます。 海の見えない横浜でのんびり生きてます。 I live in Japan, at Yokohama leisurely.

お〜!いつの間にXcode Cloudベータ版がw

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Paul Haddad

Please don't contact me for tech support, I won't answer. Try the in app options or @tweetbot or @tapbots or

I’ve ignored it because I have no need for it but I’m curious how’s Xcode cloud working out?

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Ex-product/eng at @Stripe. Founded @RethinkDB. Computational neuroscience PhD dropout. Building something new.

@arthur_sav They launched XCode Cloud, but it's still in beta. Maybe that's what Buddybuild became?

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