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ゆるゆりの赤座あかりちゃんが好きです。 2000年代のスマホやガラケーその他ガジェットを集めてます。

「なぜWindows 10 mobile は普及しなかったのですか?」と聞いたらこの回答 やるなー

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emi 🇲🇾

btob is 7 weeekly is 7 stayc is 6 gfriend is 6 not a fan account

on mobile, it's.apk .apk install apps on windows, it's .exe .exe runs commands. it could install apps, or plant v…

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Community show 'n tell of projects built with .net framework, .net core, xamarin, mono, mono game, unity, or godot. By @fluxmatix #builtwithdotnet #bwdn

Open source mobile app built with .net framework and c# by @eirenarch. "BF for WP is an interpreter for the brainfu…


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This Twitter Store is Affilate from Amazon Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Wired Gaming Controller with Bluetooth for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox O…

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Single and love to ride my Supermoto bikes and Mercedes with V8 engine while listening to hardcore PunkMetal music! All HARD, FAST & LOUD! 👊🏼 👊🏼

@Henkire @zacbowden You've the same idea as I had only I would say Lumia 950 with Windows 10 Mobile. Windows 10 became Windows 11.

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Ejike joshua

RT @Timmy_fm: Get Football Manager 23 #Fm23 Available on Windows Pc, iOS & Andriod ✅Pc N3k, Mobile 1k ✅Original game, not patch or hack ✅N…

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From connection to the device, as a true end-to-end IT provider we are helping businesses accelerate their growth with creative, agile solutions.

A new Microsoft 365 app is set to replace the existing Office app. The web app is rolling out now, and the mobile a…



FLUX News: all about flux (ZEL), zelnodes, zelcore This is an independant FLUX newschannel, so we bring ALL news about FLUX: the good, the bad and the ugly

RT @KadenaCommunity: @SheikhHasain @kadena_io ▪️Koala Wallet ( Mobile wallet (Android ( /…



We are here to bring you valuable information about the #Kadenaverse! Stay #kdelicious! 👊 $KDA ✉️ DMs open Donations➡️k:071f0a423307a5893f07852e123b49 #NFA

@SheikhHasain @kadena_io ▪️Koala Wallet ( Mobile wallet (Android (…

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Granite Consulting

We’re the friendly, cost-effective IT Support company you’ve been dreaming of.

A new Microsoft 365 app is set to replace the existing Office app. The web app is rolling out now, and the mobile a…

Adobe Express


Fearless Cross-Platform Development with Delphi: Expand your Delphi skills to build a new generation of Windows, we…

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Uday Omkar


@Tehreem_67 "Twitter for Windows" Yes i can live without mobile

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Sylvain Le Metayer

Geek inside 💻🕹️📷🎞️🎶 CMDR Slan Isandariel sur Elite Dangerous, slan_isandariel sur Star Citizen, membres Black Birds Squadron

@Pentar0o Le monde était pas prêt pour pocket pc mobile non plus... ni pour Windows mobile.

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RT @byepixofficial: Gems Hunter #P2E Version will be playable on mobile devices very soon! We recently announced that you can start playin…

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Embedded House

Embedded House is an automated news aggregator where you can find all data related to #embedded #systems , #security , #IoT and #electronics collected here.

Send/Receive Android Text Messages on Windows or Mac: You may go through this write-up to get acquainted with simpl…