Last night there were skinheads on my lawn

@ThatEricAlper Opening Act -The Wildhearts Headliners -Depeche Mode

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overthinking and oversharing. she/her.

First - Backstreet Boys 🫣 Last - @julienrbaker @sharonvanetten @AngelOlsen Best - Harry Styles but the Wildhearts T…

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Kit Gonzo

BFA finalist author. Podcaster. Blogger. Anti Fascist. Rebel Scum. Hexproof. He/Him. Views my own. 🏳️‍⚧️

@stevetoase It was a fucking decade, y'know. I am (re)discovering. I also had some Wildhearts in the mix. Because,…

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Shaun Gorman

Golf Odds Compiler and Ex-Golf Tipster

@Spotify Iron Maiden, The Wildhearts and @thehotpots

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@bbcradio2 @bbcr1 ⭐️In the Spotlight with Sharon Podcast 🎙music/concerts 🎶 TV 📺 @bbcstrictly theatre 🎭 sports🚴100% 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

I literally have @KeithUrban’s #wildhearts going around my head! It’s a great ear worm!!

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Chris Holden

Geek. Nerd. Wobblegob. Likes guitars and computers and electronics and needs to get out more.

@Lel_J_ Mike and the Mechanics, The Living Years. Alison Moyet, Love Letters. Wildhearts, 29 x the pain.

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Steve Draper

Rock music, tattoos, Sons of Anarchy these are a few of my favourite things :-)

@RadioX Best concert: @seether at Union chapel Latest Concert: Elton John at Hyde Park Next concert: @RealKiefer at…

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Richard Russell

Age-Group GB Aquathlon athlete. Respiratory registrar and researcher in airways disease (NIHR ACL). Swim/Bike/Run. Drummer. Daddy. Dog-owner #ExerciseIsMedicine

@Cakesniffer77 @GreenManFest @runningpunks Follow, just for the wildhearts tee...

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Evandson Morais

Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage

RT @otdreleased: 1993. It's been a while, I didn't even exist but a day like today 29 years ago The Wildhearts released Earth vs. The Wildh…

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Xbox sereis Xユーザー。美味しそうなものにいいねする人。ネコと横山由依が大好き。GTAG:thi64です。 横山由依/ゆいはん/AKB48/メタル/プジョー2008GT

21st Century Love Songs - The Wildhearts #nowplaying

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Primordial Radio Playlist

The playlist of @PrimordialRadio🤘 Listen live at - Listen on-demand at -

#nowplaying on @PrimordialRadio Cheers by The Wildhearts Listen now:

RCS Glue Service

on this day released

Daily dose of nostalgia by recalling albums that were released on a day like today

1993. It's been a while, I didn't even exist but a day like today 29 years ago The Wildhearts released Earth vs. Th…


Christian Cable

🕸🧑‍💻 @UniKent (previously @LancasterUni, @LythamHigh) ❤️ @fluentlanguage "You gotta beat the clock" all views expressed here are my own, even gifs

🚶‍♂️ Walk Disco 🚶‍♂️

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音楽の力は偉大なり!!VAN HALEN PRINCE DURAN×2の出逢いで洋楽の素晴らしさを知り、PINK FLOYDからTHE WiLDHEARTSまでロックをこよなく愛し、ステキな音楽と出逢う為、ジャンル問わず探求し続ける音楽ライター、コージーのつぶやき。人生を変えてくれたエディ、ありがとう…RIP。

RT @bot_WiLDHEART: 1997年8月15日 THE WiLDHEARTSは「Top Of The Pops」に出演し、“Anthem”を生演奏でプレイする。

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thanks : THE WiLDHEARTS history site , Wikipedia , Google , Vinyl Junkie , ...and ALL WiLDHEARTS MANIA !!

1997年8月15日 THE WiLDHEARTSは「Top Of The Pops」に出演し、“Anthem”を生演奏でプレイする。