ana mcnally

RT @Classy_Sassy_RN: @ChristinaPushaw A fam of 4 including an 8-mo-old was MURDERED but the Gov of CA is busy signing bills to categorize B…

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Cecely, MPH

femme them. MPH & RYT. Center justice, health equity & antiracism in all policies/programs. Views are evidence-informed but also my own.

can we also give the people who would be released from incarceration money? refund all paid legal/court fees? waive…

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The Mayor of Tweetlanta

Markets.📈 Education.💡 Solutions.🇺🇸 Women.♀️ Weather.⛈ Tech.👨🏾‍💻 Opinions. 🗣 Real Estate Resource 🏠 Independent 🟩 ENFP-A👤 #buildBLACKbetter

@POTUS Unlock and waive the conviction for everyone who is or has been jailed for Marijuana possession.

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Dr. Naturopathic/Chinese/Ayurveda. Love animals,birds, bugs trees,books,philosophy,hiking,ecology,diversity in all things. Write, poet,imaginarian,humanitarian

@Mi_Astronauta @skabowl @musketeerpops @ProjectLincoln Except facts do matter, pesky things, those facts:…

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Shanmuga Pillai


RT @AnshumanSail: People gathering outside their homes, shops to waive and support Bharat Jodo Yatra of Congress. These scenes are atleast…

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black lives matter. wife. mother. iced coffee and peloton addict. chiefs. cards. she/her. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

@goatsupport is the absolute worst. They say my shoes had no original box. Funny. They had one when I mailed them o…

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Thomas S.

RT @ConLawWarrior: If you read one thing today, let it be this, by @RachelBarkow. Why do nearly all criminal defendants waive their right…

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Lindy Gallichan

@bgusest @mjrowland68 @BreakfastNews @AdamBandt What about the Lambie deal to waive Tasmania's public housing debt…

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Draw My Character

Fiery but mostly peaceful tweets Pronouns: Fuck/Off Fantasy and Sci-Fi illustration. The Run to Alkalas 5E adventure for sale!

@ViktorGorchev In theory it should be the same everywhere. I live in a state with a large immigrant population in…

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Waive歌詞botです。 ▼LIVE Blu-ray発売決定! 『Waive GIG「サヨナラ?」愛しい平成よ』 ※2019年4月30日ZeppTokyo公演の全曲、全MC&オマケ映像も収録! 詳細とお申込みはこちら ▷

フィードバックする瞬間に見えた白い霧の中 走る少女にキスする夢!かみしめたい! 存在のハウリング感じてたい! キミの居る夢!キミの見る夢!キミと見る夢!キミと見た夢! すべてリスペクトがジャスト ライライライライライクミー 【Just like me】

Tess Tosteronē

You will be shafted and you will be happy *thanks me later

RT @SunflowerSrina: My dad had a Private Wealth Credit Card from @FNBSA which he never used. Bank charges alone accrued to R15k, he asked t…

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Alex Kenney

Innovator - Leader - Analyst

@Booker4KY the US Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, the temporary scheduling order issued by the DEA to plac…

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