I brainstorm a lot of ideas and then sit on them. Occasionally some of them get made. FXHash collab with @strictequals: | OBJKT:

@alekseenko_live I’d forgotten about it but until I saw a movie with it in. It had me curious about its potential u…

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Matthew Skelton #BLM 💙🌻

Co-author @TeamTopologies 📗 & others 📚 / Founder at @ConfluxHQ: navigate fast flow / @SenseConf / CEng / he/his 🎺🎶🧠🖊️✏️

@swardley @jsch4efer @tastapod @eoin_jennings I think the commodity angle is a bit of a red herring distraction. S…

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Positively Blue is pro-democracy 🗳💙

Progressive women+ using our voices & mobilizing to be politically active for social/policy changes to better our communities. 🎥 @CNN @NPR @10TV @MSNBC @ABC

RT @columbusmonthly: In his latest column, @scottwoodssays explores the ubiquity of emboldened white supremacy, connecting the dots between…

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Sandra Protect Democracy🗽Pro-Choice

Mktg/Community Service/Ohio State Alum/Living Proof/⛳️ in-one/Spelling🏆/former R/Mpls-Cbus/she-her.

RT @columbusmonthly: In his latest column, @scottwoodssays explores the ubiquity of emboldened white supremacy, connecting the dots between…

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Ellen Eldridge

Health care reporter @gpbnews Contributor @npr 2021-22 @carterfellows Former breaking news reporter @AJC RT not endorsements. She/her

RT @ibogost: Okay, yikes. - Yes, burning fossil fuel for transportation is bad. I agree. - Motorcycles are cool, but don't have the ubiqu…

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Class Central

Find the best courses on almost any subject, wherever they exist.

[New Course] Soft Skills for Navigating Global Challenges from Ubiquity University on FutureLearn…



3D artist

RT @MrLongshanks: Gm 🌹 𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐬 - 𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚𝐥 on @makersplace Four Poles: Life eternal (1/1) 0.15 - the first drop Absoluta (1/1) 0.15 Tru…

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Celt ◾ Loose Cannon ◾ IT Shizzle ◾ Cyberpunk ◾️Lizard Prince ◾️ The Original Reply Guy ◾️ Perennial Piss Taker ◾️ Berserker

@anon_opin The ubiquity of these sub-par 8-bit machines at the time doesn't make it any less of a turd.

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homosexual rigmarole

Currently writing your next favorite cartoon, i take photos and make collages too. Powered and guided by my ancestors. They/Them.

RT @DrJookel: @sagehyden I get what you mean. But Prey is also part of a decades-old action film franchise, I don‘t want to romanticize it…

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Sustaining Democracy

New book by @RobertTalisse || partisanship, polarization, political epistemology ||

RT @progressntwrk: "Part of what makes belief polarization so disconcerting is its ubiquity. It has been extensively studied for more than…

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Progress Kemp

Kemp powers always-on application experience (AX) with more than 25,000 customers and more than 100,000 deployments in 138 countries. #LoadBalancer #Cloud

Easy to deploy and configure, superb customer support 24/7, and platform ubiquity are just some of the many reasons…

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Feral ballerina 🇺🇦

Do not disdain those who fail to see the essential futility of life. Flaming Socialist Californian. Also walks dogs.

@JayinKyiv I'm sad for all the people who are suffering because of Putin's very bad decision to go to war. The ubi…

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Dan Brockett

I'm a Muslim, autistic and probably an anarchist. He/Him. M.A. in history - SWANA & East Africa, focused on SE Arabia and the Indian Ocean. I mostly BS here.

@phenomenal_nisa I would bet good money that there were multiple factors at play that influenced this. I'm thinking…

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David Reynolds

Jack of all sports, master of none. Views are my own.

@Conmort Ubiquity

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E1011 Labs

Designed for every mood

Amazon – It’s one of the largest global distributors of, well, just about everything. Online shopping has eclipsed…