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Retired newspaper editor, strategic media and marketing consultant, Pulitzer Prize winner, Nieman Fellow, licensed fishing guide, wing shooter, southpaw.

RT @EnglishTeach07: This should be a bigger story—a veterans home visited two weeks ago by ⁦COVID positive Missouri Governor is now dealing…

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Steve Mitchell

Former Royal Marine & Fireman. 'It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.' Swallow your Blood ...... Never your Pride.

RT @kwilliam111: Another gang attack on a lone man - CCTV appeal after man died two weeks after being attacked via…

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Ashwini Mishra 🌈

You don't need a new day to start over. You only need a new mindset.Student | nature love 💝| INC supporter🇮🇳.

RT @kukk44: 2: India in the News for wrong Reasons The use of sexual violence as a tool of oppression against lower castes has been on the…

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Harvey Black

#Veteran Harvey served with British Army Intelligence. Experience ranged from covert surveillance in NI to Communist East Berlin during the cold war. No DMs

RT @pimpmytweeting: Where’s the outcry? Where are the marches? Where are the celebrities? Who is taking the knee? No one. Literally no one.…

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SorLuca 🇪🇺 🌈

Land roving with Ms J and Mr Spock. Coast and mountain dweller, Lagotto entertainer and rusty synths nerd. Rejoin the EU 🇪🇺🌈

RT @BBCSussex: A #Hastings secondary school is closing for two weeks because of a number of cases of #coronavirus. @hastingsacademy says i…


joop veen

“News is only the first rough draft of history” (Alan Barth)

For the second time in two weeks, Republicans distanced themselves from president #Trump, expressing unease about h…

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aria ☃︎ adores ant and red

#TECHNOBLADE: im a big fan of robbery // mcyttwt + permanent resident of banger tweet twt // (she/her) // layout by @/SAD_istfied

@fundybear i started on minecraft wii u and lemme tell you how glitchy that shit was. one of the ones i remember wa…

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Antisocial extrovert

football is dead bruvva

RT @KSI: Two songs in the top 20 Official Charts. Fully wild. What’s gonna be even more wild is the next song I’m dropping in the next few…

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@dean_wars @theboleyn @rachelhyndx Not a beer drinking its more spirits but not touched anything for two weeks and…

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Pham 💛

how to use twitter 🤔 just an account where i can scream my love for RV quietly. null_emotion's #1 FAN. 081218 the day irene named me PHUM

@Kazu2606 my sleep schedule is already messed up from having two weeks off lol

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|zendaya|harry styles|lou tomlinson|dylan obrien|bts|bp|yungblud|obx|awae|lucifer|sex edu|ragnarok|euforia|teenwolf|disney|marvel|pjo|

The was how Louis Partridge became white boy of the month in one or two weeks makes me shook

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Eric BidenHarris2020 Lewis

New Yorker Cartoonist and FL field organizer for Hillary 2016. Industrial designer, too #RidinWithBiden

RT @EnglishTeach07: This should be a bigger story—a veterans home visited two weeks ago by ⁦COVID positive Missouri Governor is now dealing…

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Mother. Photographer. Nature Lover. Traveler. Foodie. Mom of Mili the rescued Boxapoint

@realDonaldTrump When, in two weeks? Again?!

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Aaron Feinblatt

RT @AmySpiro: Israel is almost two weeks into a national lockdown. 8,919 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the country yesterday. A…

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Promoting all the good AHPs do on the frontline 💪 | Run by @Ena_PT_ & @JoSiddall | AHPs | Off The Record Podcast -

RT @carrie_biddle: We have landed in October 🥳🎉 We are now just two weeks away from celebrating #AHPsDay 2020 There are sooo many reasons t…

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