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galletas maria


@MaraJosValdes1 oooo turn down for what 😬

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Hola, benvingut al meu perfil de Twitter, sóc part de #paisverso// @Vitor__Clique-Metadinha😎🤘


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RHY 👑✨

Meera & J 💗 CEO of Rhylee’s Kids 🌈

The same ones who act like they never been down be the same ones struggling worst than you are man. That’s why I’m…

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Corvo Monocromático

O ser mais aleatório do mundo(nascido em 2002) cuja única habilidade é imaginar histórias idiotas, é isso aí. Secundária @PCromatico .

Meu primo tá vendo vídeo de turn down for what, devo liquidar ele agora ou deixo virar mais uma praga no mundo?

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@AlbanyfxTrader Turn down for what?



English bot for Kars from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. [Updates every 30 minutes, replies and follows are manual]

Turn down for what.

Fred Harding

#NeverTrump #NyetPutin #NevaKanye,Yo They Are All Going to Jail

My first real job in politics was being the "blocker" for an elected official. You stopped people from getting clo…

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Nicaragüense por gracia de Dios. Anticomunista y políticamente incorrecto.Tres derechos fundamentales: derecho a la vida, libertad y la propiedad...

Turn down for what 😎

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Fidoca Peta

Swing Trader, professor de Cálculo, física e química. Jogador nas horas vagas. Menos pela extensão do que pela existência.

@frfurtad @MedianaLatina @folha olha sua foto de perfil, tem ctz que o virjao sou eu? kkkkkkkkkkk ok turn down for what

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-GET BIG- Consultoria™ - Membro AVANTE -

@operegrinador Turn down for what 😎

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-GET BIG- Consultoria™ - Membro AVANTE -

@zyzzocagado @joferraz0 TURN DOWN FOR WHAT

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Jackson Doucet W @JacksonDW_ ⚡ No cumplo con las expectativas de los demás, cumplo con las mías. No soy lo que quieren que sea, no soy juguete. Galeria: #傑克遜

RT @GSRETRY: #傑克遜 ┊ 100方法 You turn over the hour glass, the sand is falling down, oh it's too fast for you. Don't waste your love, just let…

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Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone

RT @popoas13: Remix turn down for what και υποβρύχιες καταστροφές 🤷

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US Army Air Force🇺🇸

Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state. Thomas Jefferson

RT @JesseKellyDC: Turn off the TV and set down your phone. If you think it’s bad now, you don’t even want to know what Leftists are gonna d…

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🌾 Silvhya 🌾

Ya, que pase todo esto. Ya que pase todo, esto. Ya qué, pasé todo esto. Ya, que pase todo. esto.

Turn down for what!

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