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“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.” ~ William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

RT @TrainingMindful: “One of the best things that helps depression is work, and socializing with other people and connecting. Because when…

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#1. M.O.B. SINGLE QUEER 987+ DAYS SOBER FROM ALCOHOL, permanently. ANYONE is capable of ANYTHING CA$jessicasneesby I:jessicasneesby Airport Lounge Club😜💋🌈 Trevor Noah daily show

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Yea this is just for a project

(2/3)How both impacted black lives from different points of view, changing the way black bodies had to live and exi…

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Gutslut Press 👽🔫 SUBMISSIONS OPEN NOV. 1st! 😥

OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS NOVEMBER 1ST! || founded & run by co-wraith conspirators: @hotwraithbones and PD Hogan || IG: @gutslutpress || 👾

RT @mosscollection: @gutslutpress Regina Spektor, Alexander Skarsgard, Rahul Kohli, Tessa Thompson, Trevor Noah, et al

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Annie Fox

twets r m views I'll endorse the fuck out of you just by retweeting

and they're fine with that! oh I guess people who work in tech and trevor noah. and that's it. only those people get paid well.

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Cathlene Sareli

Retired Law Enforcement, 30 years and finally paroled! Payroll Specialist. Instagram cbtuck62

Trevor Noah imagined the wild way Donald Trump will deviate from posting TRUTHs on TRUTH Social. via @HuffPostEnt

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Elliot Ritzema

Editor at @LexhamPress. MDiv from @RegentCollege. Here I make goofy jokes, talk about books, and try to bring a tiny bit of James 1:19 to the internet.

@kat_fredericks Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Born Standing Up by Steve Martin. Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson.

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Dana Robbins

RT @AdamReinhart1: Nathan Robbins, Hunter Sievers and the doubles team of Trevor Lough and Noah Hayden all recorded victories to help SK up…

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Darrell Hilliker

Interests: amateur radio, computer technology, feminism, history, reading, sci-fi, space travel and accessibility evangelism!

RT @SenDuckworth: Had a great time last night on @TheDailyShow! I was so pleased to speak with Trevor Noah about the need to eliminate the…

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RT @TrainingMindful: “One of the best things that helps depression is work, and socializing with other people and connecting. Because when…

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Armando Jaimes

@cindyhproject Trevor Noah had to learn at a young age that the color of your skin plays a big role in life.

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گرافیست، نقاش، تصویرگر

@Nikisho0on @sameboy9170 Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia و Hassan Minhaj: Homecoming King

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izzy jones

We are all accidental leaders sometimes. Do not be afraid.

@ProudSocialist Trevor Noah addressed this. Not cool at all.

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Bryce Barnes

Bryce is interested in Science, Engineering, and Software, all of which are meaningless in the absence of Social, Gender, Racial, and Economic justice.

@Playerinthgame Was feeling exactly the same way. I turned off his show on freedom midway through. I really thoug…

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Shitie Nurhaliz

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

Download Kindle It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime: (YA edition) ->

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