EA Ignite

EA Ignite offers precision training for executive & senior-level assistants. Join us November 2-4, 2021 in San Antonio, TX! Produced by @ASAPadmns + @APCevent

With the world shifting back to in-person meetings and events, working at the office or moving to a hybrid model, h…


🌲 James Cox 🦔

Front-End Developer at @Webstaurant 🍽 💻🔪 coolest member of @codesharegrow #a11y 🦾 #BlackLivesMatter

@Arvind_0602 @_collab_lab I haven't worked with Trello yet. My new role will using something similar, but I forget…

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Self taught developer | Currently learning C# and next js #100DaysOfCode

@MemRook @_collab_lab Try to implement a website tracker like trello so it can prevent conflict and you can easily…

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2.2 / floripa / maior de SC @FigueirenseFC 🖤🦅 / faço uns rabiscos tanto no papel como na pele 😁 / teto preto co.

@edmvelho se eu chegar e fechar o trello, salva tudo q eu fiz né ?

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Trusted by millions, Trello is the visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project.

In many ways, hybrid work (literally!) offers employees the best of both worlds—but only if it’s implemented in a w…

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Rinaldo Pitzer Jr. 🇧🇷💻

Ajudo Desenvolvedores Java a melhorarem seus códigos e suas soluções de software para que cresçam profissionalmente. Todas as aulas são gratuitas no YouTube.

@LuizPersechini Já viu os artigos da trello sobre isso? Eles trabalham com remoto há anos, e sempre reforçam essa n…

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Candice Rodriguez

Biz Dev Director @StructureRes Co-Founder @Edge_IR #CloudComputing #Cloud #Edge #EdgeComputing #DataCenter #IoT #5G #AI #IIoT

Global Content Marketing Tools Market 2021 Sales Revenue – BuzzSumo, Evernote, Kred, Trello,...


نحن مجموعة حذق نقوم بصناعة المحتوى وإخراج الأعمال بجودة تصميم عالية| لطلباتِ التصاميم الخاصة أو أعمال صناعة المحتوى تفضل عميلنا العزيز عبر الخاص ✨💻📇

🔸Trello تطبيق يتيح لك اضافة فريق مكون من عدة اشخاص وادارتهم للعمل على مشروع ومراقبة مدى تقدم العمل.

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andre ⚡️

documenting my journey of scaling a b2b lead gen agency to $100k/mo in 2021

@ProsperityOnly - CRM (pipe drive, go high level) - files & resources (trello, notion) - communication (slack) -…

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基本:おっぱいおっぱいおちんちん 属性:ライター/小説/競馬・競輪・ボートレース・オートレース 制作:『東方紅海夜』等 疾患:強直性脊椎炎/ADHD/ASD FANBOX: ウマニティ:

@mokkomoko_ksk Trelloは大規模な流出案件もあったので、時間のあるときに競合と比較すると、何かしら心の支えだけにもなるかもです

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andre ⚡️

documenting my journey of scaling a b2b lead gen agency to $100k/mo in 2021

@LessonsOfTime We can’t run our agency without our CRM, slack, zapier, trello and calendly My take it to implemen…

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Stephen Manzanilla

Doctrinally unreliable since 1963 Senior Deckchair Technician. Pirogue rear paddle. #JusticeForOsimeBrown No DMs please.

RT @WorldBeyondWar: 📢 Next Friday, tune in at 5pm EDT to hear the highlights of our virtual conference #NoWar2021 and learn the latest inte…

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mokkomoko もっこもこ


@mariyatsu ありがとうございます(´;ω;`)ブワッ Trelloってきいたことないです! TODO管理みたいなやつですかね・・・!?


A Lost Bell

A discarded bell you found in your travels. Holding it fills you with a sense of dread... PFP by @scalesanspirals ! 🔞

RT @TakimiNada: each SB: $150 AB: $400 (outfit/lingerie version) if the bid reaches $200 it'll be cel-shaded! example of shading:https://t.…

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Dean Mraz

I’m building a task and content management platform. My tweets will focus on the dev challenges I’m facing.

Trello works as a Kanban board, but it is not great for managing daily tasks.

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