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The Blonde Witch: Slimenator

23| Tomboy gf supremacy ! Various taste in media(mainly anime/cartoon, books & Manga/LN ), ever changing hobbies and interests

RT @blgamesworld: Excellent news in this pride month✨✨✨✨✨

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Afsana Yasmeen

interested in intersecting discourses & sensitivity in gender, environment (climate) and changes...

RT @GCAdaptation: How are cities around the globe adapting to extreme heat? Find out how Cape Town, Tokyo, Medellin, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires…

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Noah 🌤


That episode of Tokyo Revengers was so epic and full of emotion, it honestly felt like something from a series fina…

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You just gestured to all of me! | he/him

Films you've watched most (as opposed to favourites): This is my Father Fellowship of the Ring Avengers Blues Brot…

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loveisapermanentawareness This fox on photo walked up to me have a look what I was doing

RT @PavertVd: 2/2 You must breath anyway, so focus and Keep Cool ! You can practice right now ! The strength of it depends on your regular…

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KC Fecha

Ingénieur de wish

Les sons japs style 90's sont tellement cool ! Vraiment je me sens comme dans City Hunter à marcher seul dans la n…

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I can't sleep

RT @thinkabtminho: concert get cool #리노 #leeknow with no twitter crop ♡︎

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them/niggas. We do anime reactions.

RT @ItzAzuSensei: Tokyo revengers episode 10 censored vs uncensored Shame CR ver cut the bit out was cool seeing takemichi dodge around kiy…

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The Cool Japan

Japan is cool,ikemen,cute,kawaii,freedom,funny and happy (´▽`*)

Night show from Hotel MiraCosta in Tokyo DisneySea【2014/03/04】 via YouTube #Tokyodisneysea #Disney #Fantasmic

abe (resident evil stan era)

latest tokyo revengers ep - very nice n cool, a bit slow but good vivy - fucking amazing the best show this season…

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@PoliticsJack270 I say we should bulldoze the Reagan Library and replace it with a really fucking cool arcade nobo…

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Adios Bahamas 🏄 Valorant Enthusiast 🔫 Casual Streamer 📺

@MagicsRagic Tokyo revengers pas trop accroché au premier ép, ça vaut vrmt le coup? 86 j'en ai entendu parlé il p…

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🇲🇽| Too old to be a fangirl | Canon rejecter | Formerly @/burritoeren

I started watching Tokyo Revengers because I thought that Mikey's design was cool and I ended up loving Draken, Mitsuya, and Baji instead 🤡

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Justin James

YouTube Let's Player • Member of G.A.M.E • He/Him • Author of "Korbet Adventures: Thunder on the Mountain" and "Yeti Man: The Beast of Seaport"

@GreenCobrasG I don’t quite have enough for two yet, but it’ll get there at some point. If I stay with binders, I’d…

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Carolyn Clites

24 | FT #sportsbiz #smsports | PT coach | @centenary_nj 🥎 ‘18

You don’t come across too many MLB All-Stars in Indy ball. Very cool experience working with Todd Frazier. Great to…

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