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@Sanapomu raised a hamster, rabbits, a sparrow, otters & two dogs and her grandma had ducks & squirrels

RT @MlNATOZKI: dahyun setting up a yt channel teaching us about telekinesis and time warp

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200613 | 200725 || pizza good. cheese is love. || he/him ; they/them

dahyun setting up a yt channel teaching us about telekinesis and time warp

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Asian Femifesto 🇸🇬✊🌈🇺🇸

Intersectional conversations about sexism and racism Also on Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube & Tik Tok Links on our website

@lisamariahoenig @notCursedE They have stereotypical ideas of how a woman and man should look, so crazy backwards i…

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RT @nobu79: 工場でTime Warp流れてた‼️ なんだか嬉しいんだな~ ちょくちょくある😆

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ホークスとPerfumeを応援するオヤジ。 ‘20/02/08 福岡ドームライブ初参戦。 福岡ソフトバンクホークスも15周年

有線? この前はTime Warpだった。

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Bitch Im a Scorpio♏️🦂 11/2

Delaware made. These are my personal views. UK alumni Howard U Alumni #proBlack #Black #Gay #Scorpio

RT @earftones: the “good singers” are boring and stuck in a time warp. folks may not have the same vocal range, but the artistic range now…

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Susie McKenna #FBPE #3.5%

Olivier Nominated Freelance Director Writer Actress Associate Director @KilnTheatre reps @BelfieldWard & @SteinbergAssocs Opinion expressed here all my own

Why does the set of the new #MorningLive set look like a time warp from the 1950’s ?? Are the @BBC trying to tell u…

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La nueva cuenta

Post-tuiter, estoicismo y rock & roll.

@yeah_jes Let's do the Time Warp again... xD

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e se deus eh pornôs quem sera contra nos 🍃🙏🏻 | 17y | (ela/ele🦷)

let's do the time warp again

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Gabriel Earnest

Fake News, question it, research it then tweet about it, there's reasons why they feed you bullshit. Question their agenda and who benefits from it.

@LauraMStuart9 FFS even bloody crisis we have to hark back to WW2, no wonder other countries are forging ahead beca…

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Malfunctioning just fine. Soy protofísico, intento de violinista y dibujante en potencia (@ashggea)♠️. LGB(TA)+ (They/He)

@WRCSergio @AshleyKang If it's not a mechanically good player, you freeze under tower and from time look for an all…

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Linda H

I like to run but am often injured, I 💖 my son who is now a teenager & I also enjoy the odd cake or 2 which is the main reason I run (when not injured)

Could my life get any better, I’ve just been practicing the Time Warp for Saturday’s Lockdown Frolic with…

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julie mohr

@ProjectLincoln What planet is trump from? “Let’s do the time warp again”. “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

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Lil Nicki

ShattaSark Stan || SM4LYF || King Sark Till I Die || Internet🌐 Geek || I.T Nerd 🖥 || Virgo ♍ || Nicki Minaj =👸 || Lil Wayne = 🐐 || LBJ 🏀 || Talented 🔌||💡

RT @WIRED: Something has happened to time

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