Larry Nona

Just a 'David' looking for his 'Patrick'💍

@Xfinity thank you for the clear commercials during #TheEqualizer2. Now if you can just stop fucking up the movie…

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Rona Encarnacion

I have different interests and show it. 'Neither proud or ashamed just is.' A line from the TV show Elementary. Kind of says it.

#theequalizer2 is on #tv ! #comfortmovie

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Claqueta de Bitácora

Sólo Cine, nada más: críticas, fotos, momentos, animación... ¡y Disney, por encima de todo!

RT @Claquetabitaco: #TheEqualizer2 Fuqua y Washington retoman el camino conseguido con la anterior entrega con una historia que gira hacia…

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