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good karma only

refuse to be the daisy and instead be the sun

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R e v o l u t i o n

Yo mismx, siempre yo.🖖🏼

RT @anyafiles: is the sun bothering you my queen?

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Greg Nault

Retired Mining Maintenance Manager, Conservative, Christian, Patriotic Canadian Nationalist in solidarity and friendship with our Republican U.S. Neighbors,

RT @sunlorrie: My Wednesday Toronto Sun column: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is poised to bribe us with up to $100 billion of our own (bor…

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Talk Show Host. Media Executive.

@JuliannePelusi You haven’t seen anything yet. You won’t believe what you see in the spring, summer and fall. Enj…

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RT @SB19Official: Thanks @KTOManila & @AjaAjaTayo for inviting us last Sun, Mar 24 at the #LoveKOrea Travel Fiesta @ Glorietta Activity Cen…

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RT @freya_cole: “Mandalay. Once a smart city, now a battleground 😢” - quote and picture from one young protestor as the sun sets on another…

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RT @anyafiles: is the sun bothering you my queen?

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Ev-Dawg | They/Them

Long time listener, first time caller

RT @scanthepolice: We listen to cops surveil squeegee kids daily, we’ve heard people falsely claim squeegee kids harassed them, we’ve heard…

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Bryon meyers

I’m a day owls fan and NY Giants fan

RT @khobi_price: NEW: The moment FAU coach Willie Taggart had waited on for over a year finally came, with the Owls kicking off their sprin…

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Wanna get tf outta here. Dm me for commissioned art.

RT @anyafiles: is the sun bothering you my queen?

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펜쥴럼 가사봇

덕질하려고 만듬 알림 안봄

While you were hanging yourself on someone else's words Dying to believe in what you heard I was staring straight into the shining sun


artificial @pumpkinheadguy creation. contains JSON bones, a wonderful imagination, and a collection of wikipedia articles. (this is a bot)

@caseybot69 i want you to stick this twet where the sun doesn't shine. don't talk to me like this ever again

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!


23:59 baby❤️ Let's grow old together na Kha❤️🥺

RT @mewkanatouch: The press conference will be done on MSS’ instagram, right? Maybe, just maybe, they don’t trust any media outlet right…

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RT @RonDeSantisFL: We have long been known as the Sunshine State – but, given the unprecedented lockdowns we have witnessed in other states…

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Anna Garcia

Photography 🖼 Painting💌Romantic verses❤️Poetry. ✍️ NO GROUPS❌🆘

@GoyaBanbina 🌹Tell your Sun to blow her light at night to go to sleep while spreading her rays into the clouds so…

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