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elderly married Christian American mom working hardest to protect family & community, regardless of others’ foolhardiness. Haircuts not worth DYING for.

RT @RYP__: Now America knows why Donald and his family do the bidding of the UAE, KSA, Israel, Russia, private oligarchs. and corporate mas…

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Ed Mitchell

Host of The Boss Reggae Show every Friday night at seven (repeated Saturday at 9pm) on Feedback Radio. Chihuahua minder. Guitarist.

RT @Studio1Official: Studio One announces the digital release of This Is Jamaica Ska, part of the Studio One Original Masters Series. The a…

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Maninder Singh

Work hard, have fun and make history

RT @rahulkanwal: Most in mainstream Bollywood are acting like ostriches with their heads buried in the sand hoping that this nightmare will…

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Frontier Indica

Dissident commentary on politics, society and international affairs with a focus on India-centric issues. YouTube Channel:

Similar experience in other fields as well. Some of these people are so dumb they can't even figure out how to down…

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Alok Verma

Here to hear people's Rodomontade | Striving to achieve Stithpragya | Improving my Karmic Balance |

@ourvadodara Yeah thank you municipalities for ruining the economy. People have to take care of themselves. This "s…

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Not a “Royal Fan”. Interested in the politics and inner workings of the world’s most dysfunctional family/business. Queen of the Pigeons #SussexSquad ftw!

RT @latteIicious: It’s very typical of a british man to find something in another country, take it with him and then present it to the colo…

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Ntombiyo Mgqashiyo

During this pandemic, I'm here to sign the register so that people know I'm still alive.

RT @cherylroberts00: Stop Press! South African pro darts player, 34 year old Devon Petersen, born in Mitchells Plain in Cape Town, has won…

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Aaron Clarke


@seb_forrest It’s certainly made me think about the masters which I hadn’t thought about before.. if they’re playin…

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Sell My Retro

First launched in 2009, SellMyRetro is a trading website for vintage electronics and retro computers / games consoles, building on over 30 years experience.

Buy He-Man - Masters Of The Universe - The Movie

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Cody Johnson

RT @ITA_Tennis: Registration for the 2020 Oracle ITA Masters by UTR is available until Sunday, October 4th! This event will offer men’s &…

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I will not say do not weep for not all tears are an evil. -J. R. R. Tolkien

@ZanePaul1 @CultureCrave @DEADLINE These information from the first age you won't get from the series. When Melkor…

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NM HS 2016. Rowan University 2020. Top Gun Revo #READ30520

The first few weeks of school have been really hectic for me, I had to get back into my masters program after Rowan…

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Mbali Zibi

PR strategist, reputation management,writer & communication specialist. loves funny stuff

RT @JacquiRainers: Ramblings? ming, please do better. this genius child is reciting the Audre Lorde essay: the masters tools will not disma…

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i need a face right now that looks like i care (sike i do)

RT @royalvirtuemoir: ao3 writers be like ‘sorry i’ve been ia 😅 i gave birth, got hit by a car, completed my masters, got divorced and moved…

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Promoter, Consultant, Habitual Line Stepper, Backseat Driver, NPG Minister of Propaganda, Street Team 4 @LivWarfield @AndyAllo #NPG & U • We R Here - Where R U?

RT @Housequake: Michael Howe, answering a question from Rolling Stone: "Prince was just orders of magnitude more creatively evolved than an…

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