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🌊🌊 Lori Saldin Boris 🌊🌊

🌊🌊🌊 Litigation Paralegal | President of National Federation of Paralegal Associations| #Resister | #BLM | #BidenHarris2020 | Mom, Grandma, Wife 🌊🌊🌊

@HamDried Not Bridge for me, but definitely 500! We agreed we'd use "Obama" for the preferred suit, instead.

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That’s the thing about faith. If you don’t have it, you can’t understand it, and if you do – no explanation is necessary. Kira to Odo -Star Trek Deep Space Nine

@OtterRambling @TrekCore I agree. Typical viewers aren't privy to the actor's contracts, all we see are folks on th…

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LI's own

@JoeConchaTV Would have been better if he threw that boy off the bridge. :)

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The Real Ace🧚🏾‍♀️

They/She| Artist| Singer| Neurosurgeon in Training 🧠| Pansexual🏳️‍🌈

RT @RICHGIRLSDNTCRY: imagine losing me right before shit really start poppin off for me & burning down the bridge to cross back this way. I…

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Bob Mockford

Enjoying retirement. A city boy who loves to get out in the country and down on the shore. Oh yes, and old buses!

A misty day on Monday. Took a brisk walk over Itchen Bridge and along @WestonShore. Then Netley Abbey, through the…

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NYCT Bus. Wear a Mask.

24/7 bus service alerts and live customer support. Learn more about how to ride safely:

All Staten Island-bound SIM buses have resumed regular service after an earlier truck blocking traffic on the lower…

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Humanitarian || Activist || Chelsea Fan || 30BG || Messi FC || Kwaran || Student Leader || NAKSS COMRADE|| JAGUN OF YORUBA LAND

RT @ChelseaFC: Everything you need to know this week before we welcome fans back to the Bridge! 💙🏡

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falklands Gulf war 1 veteran Sir Galahad survivor part of the red and green life machine combat paramedic army ambulance service Luthier

@CelsoFarias13 @ralph_brooker A true Spanish Guitar Celso built in the Fashion of Antonio De Torres Jurado Built o…

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•*¨*•♫♪ Play . Explore . Think ♫♪•*¨*• ........ •*¨*•♫♪ iCame . iSaw . iVegan  ♫♪•*¨*•........ •VΞGΛNIVΞRSΞ🌱 •STL🖇 •SG🏖 •PG🏝

@EmanuelDerman I knew you’re being ironic 😂 At least he should’ve jumped off the bridge... but caught by a big 🦅 or something 🤣

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Pawanism Gopi

RT @ICC: MS Dhoni won the 2011 ICC Spirit of Cricket award for his decision to recall Ian Bell following a controversial run out in the Tre…

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Lucem House Community Cinema Plus+

Community cinema, performance venue and meeting place. Social enterprise.

The Len Saunders Writing Room Committee won't be holding the Len Banana Day at Lucem this year due to Covid but the…

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Charlene Shumba

deviant thinker

RT @Blue_Footy: Alan Shearer: "Everyone knows how dangerous Spurs are on the counter-attack. But Chelsea completely nullified the threat of…

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Adjei Owusu Bempah

Just do it. Nike lover. Wrong place at the right time.

RT @ChelseaFC: Everything you need to know this week before we welcome fans back to the Bridge! 💙🏡

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I exist -- what else do you need to know

RT @HiImKangarou: @BriannaWu If you see someone buy the Brooklyn Bridge twice, would you warn them or sell them a third? Hustlers gonna hu…

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PR • 📧 : Talent manager. Filmmaker 🎥.

RT @_VALKlNG: Distance is one thing that keeps us apart, but you would always remain in their heart. Use @9robee today to bridge the gap.😍🎁…

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