あみっち💖 Twitter始めたのは、2回目になりますが、訳あって一回止めてしまいました。またまた楽しめたらなと思ってますので皆さん宜しく😉👍️🎶 6000人のフォロワーさん😃 戻って来て~⤴️ 動物大好き🍀😌🍀です 🐼🐭2匹とハムハム35匹とMダックス2頭と暮らし毎日が楽しい☺️ ハム友募集中😃

RT @Bigniggajuiceb1: My favorite #Warframe moment from #TennoLive was…

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~》a true person loves someone for their personality《~ Welcome to my bio~I like to draw, paint and make others laugh so yeah :3 hehe (PS4)Lucy 932

RT @PlayWarframe: Tenno, it’s time to grow up. #TennoLive The next #Warframe open world, The Duviri Paradox, is now in development. https:…

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Vanessa Edwards

The Divine is within you..

RT @Sykanic_: #Warframe #TennoLive so excited for the duviri paradox!

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I game, I hack my electronicles with dodgy firmware, and I read books digital and papyrus.

RT @PlayWarframe: When the Sentients attack, we must rise together. Or lose everything. The New War ⁠— Coming Christmas 2019. #Warframe #T…

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