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*:..゙((ε(*´・ω・)っ†*゚¨゚゚・*:..☆ she/ her

RT @star_fleets: men who women who like Star Trek like Star Trek

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Just some random dude from the east coast who is a die-hard fan of Gonzaga Basketball for some crazy reason. Also a bit of a political junkie.

@bobsalpha1 @kkondik DS9 is the GOAT of Star Trek

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David Herman

RT @paulsutherlin: if this is true, it's perfect

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vic mignogna

Anime & video game voice actor most well known as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist & Broly in DBZ. He's also exec producer/Capt Kirk in Star Trek Continues

What’s the only thing better than a tango with a rose in your teeth? Visiting the beautiful sets where we shot STAR…

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paul sutherlin

shipyard bar patron (uncredited) in star trek (2009) write geeky shit and podcast for @trekculture

@blakeaparker thank you i just wanted validation after all the star trek tweets

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Musico independiente interesado en escuchar, soñar y crear un mundo con nuevas formas y sonidos.

@eduardojumana Fíjate que a mi me gusto pero vale mencionar que no soy de los fans radicales de Star Trek y creo qu…

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pietra ❦|to no block

𓏲ׄ 💿 sinosh 𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐭 (a/ela/-a)

@clarkwkyle Entre Star Wars e Star trek, o que eu queria mesmo era star com você

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Ian Hannin

@Untamed_Cinema Yeah they only did three seasons. Which is why Star Trek Continues picked it up and ran with it. Pr…

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vulgar display of himbocity

Midwestern Oaf he/they

my hair was looking too much like data from star trek so I trimmed down the back of my head some more so now it loo…

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Servidora Pública | Contadora | @Palmeiras | @SantaCruzFC

Star Trek Discovery é tudo amigas A última temporada tem a melhor season- finale de todos os tempos

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Sean Ray the Varan Fan

Just a small town reporter with a love for Kaiju, horror movies, video games, comics, role playing games... okay, a lot of things.

@NoContextTrek Wait... is that the asshole principal from Friday the 13th Part 8 in Star Trek?

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izzy supla acreano

(she/they ˖ ela/dela ˖ 22 ˖ aroace)

RT @capncrusher: star trek: voyager was made for hot people so if you don't like it, well......🤭

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Lesbiaunt (Grem)

29 / Creator of leftie content. Whole ass communist. she/they HOH. Under 4'10'' squad- @thesifproject is wife The short half of @Pamphlet_Tyr

Some doodles, playing with screen tone Star trek and 10th kingdom

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Henrique Pimentel - Resist ✊ - Ich bin Scheiße

I've just watched episode S01 | E06 of Star Trek: Lower Decks! #startreklowerdecks #tvtime

TV Time, TV show tracker

tom paris has my whole heart 🖖🏻

wolf 359 was an inside job // 21 she/her BLM 🖖🏻

I wanna make a google form with ranking opinions of star trek that I tweet out and then compile all the data for af…

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