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Joshua Jay Libarios Valenzuela

Education is the key to success. Psalm 27:1

And I pray that you would stay but i then you're gone and,oh, so far away

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justice and equity

RT @Real_AmakaIke: Imagine a governor giving curfew order from far away Abuja😁😁😁 @Hope_Uzodimma1 you are so hopeless.

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“The fact that we’re alive is enough for us to be respected. Right?” - Kim Namjoon, BTS • TAEKOOK AUS 𐤀: @kukbwiiaus • FAN ACCOUNT ◡̈

“i still love you jungkook. and i miss you so much. i miss us. and this is so tiring, so exhausting. this is so har…

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lily • semi ia but watching ouat

you'd hate the flowers @voldemeyers

midway thru s4 thoughts so far: - still so mad rumple is getting away with all this shit SURELY belle is gonna find…

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dayna junee (:

Proud USAF wife. I just want to learn medicine and see the world. 🌏

RT @brainy_baddie: I wish all my besties didn’t live so far away from me 🥺

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Awareness raising about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

RT @FayFay_survivor: #DomesticAbuse #narcissisticabuse #mentalabuse Coming so far away from what happened I think at times...Did this real…

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#Chrissy 🇨🇦DeanCas/Malex

RT @deancasSongs: i'm so lost without you i don't know where to go without you i should have known to hol you close every time of the day…

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White Rabbit⁴⁸


RT @MNL_Life: So my tweet about being so far away that I cannot audition for MNL48 got a few people saying that LON48 should be a thing. So…

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Dr Mubeen Shah


RT @ToathKoshur: @pzfahad Now India realises brutality of its forces when students and farmers lathi charged. Far away in the valley of Kas…

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Louise Morris 💙

Major donor fundraising specialist, supporting you to raise more Trustee@WCF_UK MCIOF Email hints & tips to raise more she/her

Just found myself daydreaming at my desk about friends and family and having enormous hugs - hugs feel so far away.…

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quotes that cause me agony and pain

assorted lyrics/quotes that make me want to k!ll someone every 30 minutes. run by @MANDORlN

If you were here, I'd never have a fear So go on live your life But I miss you more than I did yesterday You're so far away

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

Deku's simp 'Cheri' 💚 Bkdk/dkbowl

I simp for Izuku💚/30/She/Her/dkXall, dkXvillains, dkXproheroes/Problematic/no minors!! No age will be Blocked! Minors will be Blocked!

#bakudeku drabble "Why are you so far away?" Katsuki asked an Izuku who was at the coner of the room. "You said y…

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Creating a 'world' of #NonLeague via RT's 🌍⚽ Hoping it will help grow #NonLeague profile ⚠️Use #NonLeague for RT 🤝Part of @NonLeSports 👉This is a Bot 🤖

RT @PassAndGroove: Been blown away by the fantastic reaction to this podcast with @Liam_Tongue that we released yesterday🤯 We genuinely re…

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Manchester United fan. Views are my own. #MUFC #ManUtd #ManchesterUnited

@doomandgloomutd @F365 Could sell Salah to fund it. Isn't that on the cards anyway? I'm not saying it's realistic t…

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stalk me.

RT @m4mikink: y'all need to stop being so hot and living so far away what the fuck

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