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*picks up a sandwich * Movie : ok ew scene its your time to show up

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⟬⟭ ⁷ 🌨 K•Chii⚡️수진이 🐹 ⟭⟬ ᵇᵗˢ

⚠ โพผัวอนลี่ ⚠ คลั่งรัก ทีเร้ก ไม่ได้ติ่งค่าย ติ่งศลป.ในค่าย #Army ❤ #BTS #jimin #Engene ❤ #ENHYPEN #sunoo #MOA ❤️ #TxT #soobin Thailand ≧﹏≦ #รีวิวให้กิมจิ

RT @Dwp_txt: Giveaway 🌸 15 ea (RT & Show this tweet) Date : 13 Mar 2021 Location : TKT's Row House Time : TBA \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ #FallForBe…

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Hobi Day⁷ 💜 l 🌈BTS 092218 (fan account)

Freakin saw BTS™️ live in Hamilton 092218 I still can't comprehend what 😭 BTS™️' UN Speech has inspired and motivated me to #LoveMyself and #SPEAKMYSELF💜

RT @SimplyZhouyezi: Awww this is so sweet to hear ~ Zhou Ye’s Cfans shared this screenshot of a commenter sharing that at the beginning of…

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cutedoll taking over ♧︎

#YEOSANG : am bread — she/her

RT @etionman: HYOJIN: It's our first time to receive an award from The Show in four years after our debut. We are so happy. Thank you so mu…

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Embarrasingly semi-apoplectic potato head.

@fiddled53067176 @catturd2 Absolutely it is true. Polling and studies shoW it time after time. The average athiest…

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Australia's oldest theatre company. Completely student run, fond of dank, dark spaces, cheap theatre & you. Tweets by your friendly fun Exec • On Gadigal land

In short, it's about The Simpsons, an apocalypse and how will tell stories. Casting will be ethnicity and gender bl…

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Hafizah ༊*·˚

• ˚◞♡︎ ⃗ ﹝ #강태현 ━ 4th gen it golden boy ﹞☕ ♥﹝📸﹞➽ #txt fan acc ⋮⋮ read carrd byf ‧₊•˚.

RT @shadytyunfacts: Child: Mom, what is TXT? Me: that’s my all time fav group Child: what did they look like? Me: ahm g-google them? Ch…

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大河ドラマおめでとう🎉 15年前松本潤を好きに嵐を好きにそして知れば知るほど潤くんが大好きに💜一途に嵐をファンを愛してくれる潤くんが愛おしくて惚れまくりです私の人生に水も花も綺麗な空気までも与えてくれた嵐さんそして潤くん💜✨ずっと応援し続けます💜💕

REQUEST @arashi5official @MTV #FridayLivestream ARASHI SHOW TIME / いつか秒針のあう頃 / IN THE SUMMER / 花 Whenever You Call / Turning Up

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keara 🐢

Keara - 19 - she/her - rolled jeans - future astrophysicist - unabashed SHINee stan - icon by @_egman_

I love that Rose and her impact on the Doctor doesn't disappear after she leaves the show. Like, Tasha Yar gets cap…

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Wife of ”The Voice" (@toddrobbins8)🤩 🍎Facilitator of Knowledge - Social Studies Dept.🍎(@assabetvalley)🤓 Broadcaster by Night (@MediaRivalry) 🏈🏀⚽️🥎🏒🥍

RT @TomFlanaganUSA: All you dads in the wind pants yelling “travel!” and “3 seconds!” it’s time to shine. Show them how it’s done

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MotorCity Dragon 🐉

Twitch Affiliate. Variety Live Streamer. continuing to build my page so please check me out. follow for follow on Twitch as well. can’t wait to see you all!

Time to get back to my streaming duties. This #ApexLegends season ain’t gonna finish itself so I got some grinding…

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o054 #ARASHI FOREVER. Please play Turning Up !!!!! REQUEST @arashi5official @MTV #FridayLivestream SHOW TIME | P…

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Just a random fangirl💕

RT @alwaysdobbie: now that we secured a win for hyunsuk, it’s time for treasure doyoung to win too. we have strong competitors here but tha…

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