RT @sonysbitch: La session de khea se cogió a las dos sessiones de trueno juntas, duela a quien le duela.

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💰Bill 💥Esteem 👀

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RT @Reuters: Asian shares set for bouncy session after Wall Street gains, weak dollar

The Effectiveness Institute

2 docs; PhD in Health Sci; EdD; #Neuroeducation; #InstitutionalEffectiveness; #Neuropsychopharm; Pharmacy Administrator; Follow & RT≠ Endorsement or all beliefs

RT @ASA_Impact: Oct. 8 join us and @Burning_Glass at the @asugsvsummit to discuss our new report which details what we learned from educato…

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peewee bacuño


Sugatan ang isang lalaki na naglalakad sa Session Road, Baguio City nang mabagsakan ito ng natipak na konkretong ba…

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Addie• 15• She/Her•Multi-media Artist•Self-Taught•Commissions Open!!•🏳️‍🌈• BLM• Next Update-11/28 Patreon

Quick late night rant session because I’m upset

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RT @withyoumarktuan: Missed out on yesterday's #chatwithmark session? We have you covered with his answers here! [200928 chatwithmark part…

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RT @kikko_no_blog: 今日のTBSラジオ「Session」を聴いてたら、自民党本部で下村博文政調会長に呼び出された杉田水脈が、記者たちが何を質問しても答えずに逃げたので、TBSの記者が反射的に「杉田議員、またまたお得意の逃亡です!」と現場から生中継!あたしは思わ…

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👩🏾‍💻Mo to tha 🍷

Avid napper, Raspberry sprite enthusiast & Adventure Time/Spongebob Squarepants conoisseur NCCU alum #TarheelNation #SteelerNation #blacklivesmatter #NCCU

RT @NeNeLeakes: Can somebody help me....I wanna coach Biden right before his next encounter wit Trump. He needs a read session

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RT @kikko_no_blog: 今日のTBSラジオ「Session」を聴いてたら、自民党本部で下村博文政調会長に呼び出された杉田水脈が、記者たちが何を質問しても答えずに逃げたので、TBSの記者が反射的に「杉田議員、またまたお得意の逃亡です!」と現場から生中継!あたしは思わ…

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Session 19🦋

Beautiful soul and mind🧘🏿✨

And just when I feel so deeply in love you. I’m reminded not to let my guard down because you’ll hurt me just let all the other times.. .

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Zeni Colorado-Resa 😷

Wife, Mother, Interim Associate Dean, of @ttc-esu Associate Prof @emporiastate @idtesu; Pres @ColoradoFMD, Yoga Instructor, Runner. Views are my own.

RT @michaelmgrant: **All @AECT members** are welcome to join in our ongoing conversation on race, power, equity, and social justice during…

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Steve Rowe

Commander of the house of Rowe General of the Gunner Legions Loyal to the true Queen Niki Father of 2 strong sons & 2 fantastic daughters

RT @SmithRaps: Adam Silver singles out three players for making the bubble work: Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry and Dwight Powell. There are many o…

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Juice Box🧃

The sweetest, honey..💛 LongLiveSammy🚀 RestEasyGrandma🤞🏼

It just dawned on me that Bagg remixed Summer’s Session 32 .. shook

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Toot 💨 Princess

EFro Goddess 😏Subscribe to my AVN for more ✈️ DMV oct 4-5 ✈️ Chicago nov 13-15

Post Fart Session Leftovers 💨😌

AVN Stars

Marc Fortin

RT @RetailCouncil: Join us for our Grow with Google session TODAY, ‘Holiday Focus Part 2: Winning the holidays with a fast mobile experienc…

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