Parallel World

RT @ColumbiaBugle: Senator @RandPaul's Full Questioning Of Dr. Fauci About Support For "Gain-Of-Function" Research

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Wayne Maye

Democratic. Liberal. Progressive. A future member of the VA House of Delegates and the U.S. House of Representatives who will work for the PEOPLE!

@ewolf_7 This pathetic excuse for a Senator won his last election thanks to the "sympathy vote." He got outclassed…

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ApolloApplCreed #Silversqueeze

your average American Citizen in search of the Truth I’m also a chronic pain patient! #ChronicPain #CPP #KolodnyKills #DontPunishPainRally

RT @trusthetruth84: 30 people a DAY are dying from the vaccines! Texas senator tells the truth about the vax stat's!

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Pamela Malone

I applaud 👏Senator Bernie Sanders’ Op Ed in the New York Times for the U.S. to take an evenhanded approach and reco…

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RT @HWarroom: US Senator Hawley pushes for COVID-19 Origin Act of 2021, requests Biden admin to declassify info on the Wuhan lab and the CC…

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Texas John Slaughter

Christian, Husband, Father, THE CONSTITUTION NOW AND FOREVER. USAF Vet. 2nd Amendment. GAB = @JCSLAUGHTER

RT @thorsome2: On 3rd March Jack sent a letter to an AZ State Senator saying that the county loaded the ballots onto the trucks on March 1…

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Mary Tataryn

I Believe in Human and Animal Rights! I LOVE nature,gardening,,food,travelling and Wine! I am a causal summer cyclist! Be Honest! Be Grateful!

I wonder if there is any mention of Senator Larry Campbell in Sam’s book? I remember when Sam tried to ask him ques…

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Daniel Ch

G-d’s worker. Businessman

RT @AJCGlobal: "This shouldn’t be about 'evenhandedness.' When it comes to American values and interests, it’s abundantly clear where they…

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Chile , the Senator said Mayme reminds him of his mammy #GodfatherofHarlem

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Pres Biden/VP Harris will work hard to reclaim US standing. We need to work just as hard to continue to vote blue. We need to increase blue seats. #Resist

RT @AllenLEllison: Whether you are a Democrat, Independent or Republican, when I am US Senator, I will be working to improve the quality of…

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president-elect doug

🇺🇸Wrestling, 🇺🇸softball, 🇺🇸football, 🇺🇸track, 🇺🇸100% sober since 1992🇺🇸MAGA 🇺🇸KAG🇺🇸

RT @thorsome2: On 3rd March Jack sent a letter to an AZ State Senator saying that the county loaded the ballots onto the trucks on March 1…

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Paola Poot

Second Life's Poot Dibou in the real world. #eurasian #Brit #craftygeek #multidisciplinary #nerd #pedantic #gamer #bluehair #BLM #TTP I dID mY oWn rESeArCH

@moderateRepand1 @raybyers1 Who's creating the confusion? By the way, Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn)…

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Shaked Bar-Tal

Proud Israeli American. Enthusiastic diehard sports fan young enthusiastic sports broadcaster. I tweet about sports politics and everything and in between.

RT @sportsguyshows: @ChrisMurphyCT @lrozen So Senator Murphy does Israel not have the right to defend itself against Hamas a terrorist orga…

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watching songbirds

RT @AnIllicitWriter: Senator Josh Hawley threw away his career, his reputation and his duty to this country the moment he chose to stand wi…

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