Consistent, Mature African American. Since 2009, Vetted & Built “A Blended Community” of Honest, Vocal Thinkers. “NO Interest In Popularity, or Proselytizing.”

@SenatorRomney’s Still Paying Penance for his “47% Goof” [During his POTUS Run.] His “Stuttering” during his SCO…

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Former NY Teacher -NO DM's, Mom of 3 amazing people, Proud Nana, Vegan, no plastic, love our planet. #RESIST #votebluenomatterwho #NEVERTRUMPER #Bluewave

RT @lizlibra1009: And there we have it folks! SPINELESS @SenatorRomney has decided to help RAM through a SCOTUS seat for @realDonaldTrum…

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Tony Watkins

Here to support President Trump and Fellow Patriots Pro-Liberty Pro-Freedom Serial Retweeter #TRUMP2020 #AMERICAFIRST #TrumpNowMoreThanEver #DrainTheSwamp

RT @TimRunsHisMouth: Wow! Mitt Romney is in on the SCOTUS vote! I have so many snarky things to add about him, but he gets a pass for a fe…

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Vincent Dominic S. Samulde


RT @DineshDSouza: Romney’s support for voting on a Trump nominee before the election is unexpected, and welcome, news. Maybe our side shoul…

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Debby Hoyman

RT @AndrewPollackFL: Your daily reminder that Democrats impeached @realDonaldTrump over a hoax. So don't talk to me about what's "fair" T…

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Chef/Owner @SendaiNJ-Food Enthusiast-MMA-Traveler-BMW X5M-Forensic Psychology @JJAY-“An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living” #Resist 🆘#VoteBlue 🌊 🌊 🌊🚫MAGA

Mitt Romney backing of Supreme Court vote paves way for election-year confirmation

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American Sanity

#UnionMember #Resist #Democrat #BikersAgainstTrump I FOLLOW BACK

By agreeing to Trump’s demands, and filling RBG’s vacant Supreme Court seat, Romney shows how weak he is. Not surp…

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I'm just a sweet monkey who doesn't trust the government.

RT @ChuckCallesto: Breaking #FoxNews Alert : Graham says Trump has the votes to confirm SCOTUS pick

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Teri Inman

Groovy Chic

@richones1 SCOTUS appointees have little consequence in the here and now. #Starvation #HurricaneSeason #wildfires…

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Lover of God & Country

RT @BuzzPatterson: Mitt Romney is in on voting for Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. Rare that he’s on our side, but even he realizes this is the fu…

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Suburban College Educated White Woman. You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train

@brahmresnik Trump has committed impeachable offenses, is unfit and should be removed from office........ OHHHH Loo…

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Roger Johnson

He; IT nerd; Dad; dancer and new yoga junkie; political wonk; moderately pedantic; gen x poster boy

@ennasirk @ParkerMolloy Who cares what they think. Use them like the Rs use the working class whites. Tell them wha…

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Dave Anderson

Hey Dems in @congress we are counting on you to NOT let an @Scotus nominee get rammed down America's throat. #Resist

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Peter J. Dawson

Creator of 1.4MM Member Grass Roots Political Action Group & Host of Political Talk Radio Show Speak Out America Now with Peter J. Dawson.

@latimes RT History of Election year #SCOTUS vacancies - Has occurred 29 times - Pres nominated all 29 times - 19 t…

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Leslie Pender

Christian, wife, mother, ardent Trump supporter. #MAGA. On Parler @foodgoddess

RT @ArthurSchwartz: Asked if voters have a right to know before the election who he would nominate to SCOTUS, Biden says, “No, they don’t.”…

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