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Pro-government. Dilawans and wokes are free to attack. This rant account is really for you. 😅👊

@teddycasino 3 decades ago, Sionil Jose told Satur Ocampo not to go against our military since majority ng mga nagp…

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Lenra Yeoj

@rap_cookie24 @IHateFakePple Ibang klase din si Sarah Elago. Ayaw tawagin NPA pero kasama si Satur Ocampo, at pareh…

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Lucas Malakas

ordinaryong Pinoy..nagmamalasakit sa bayang Pinas

@rap_cookie24 kayo ni Satur Ocampo, Ms Sarah Elago... ano yang symbol na nasa headband inyo? DI BA HAMMER AND SICKL…

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Reynaldo M. Juico 🇵🇭

Industrial automation for the oil & gas industry | Filipino taxpayer | I am for the Rule of Law | Partner for Change l A realist

Then why were you @sarahelago with the company of Satur Ocampo, who said that recruitment of minors to the #CPPNPA…

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@deanfortun168 Buhay pa rin naman si satur ocampo, teddy casino joma sison, etta rosales, nericolmenares.

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Its time for the Philippines to progress and move forward

@inquirerdotnet @cgonzalesINQ Anong ginagawa niya kasama si France Castro at Satur Ocampo sa bundok kasama ang mga…

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When did my broad mind and narrow waist trade places?!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ A supporter of the BEST President the 🇵🇭 ever had! ❤️👊🏽 P.S. I block trolls.

@HikaHost @PH_1ns1dr @ParladeJr @143redangel @ntfelcac I agree! May photo nga siya with Neri Colmenares and Satur O…

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