Kody Anderson

I just retweet stuff I like or I find interesting

RT @YellowSkullGod: Santa is cool, but let's not forget who this holiday is really about.

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Cannibus Prime

A real nasty woman

Seth Rogan's career is making career ending shows. Santa Inc proves that.

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LadyLiberty 1791

I Love My God & My Country... a Conservative Lady that will defend Freedom with Common Sense, Values & Courtesy. Take Back Your Country America its up to YOU!

RT @RepThomasMassie: Merry Christmas! 🎄 ps. Santa, please bring ammo. 🎁

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tana⁷ 🧡

#정국: “ㅎㅎ” “lol” “♡”

the return of santa koo #NewProfilePic

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Mr. Santa

La vida es una canción ♑🔥

Chale, atropellaron a Santa. 😥

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Beverly Wilkerson

RT @OscarTherapyDog: Even Santa likes to relax poolside. #Santa #Christmas2021 #poolside #dogs #dogsoftwitter #relax #therapydogs #labrador…

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Luis Arturo Treviño Manautou

@horacioduarteo @GobiernoMX Eso no va a llegar hasta la estación Observatorio en el 2023. Se va a quedar hasta Santa Fé.

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Gabriel Moreno

@Iz_Philly Better than Santa Cruz, Barrios, or Pedraza? Because he beat Farmer? Lol

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Kacey Abbott

daydreamin' bout beaches

RT @Browtweaten: me: I saw you kissing santa claus last night mom: that was actually your father me: *tearing up* omg does dad know

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JoAnne Maher

Advocate for Occasional Teachers in OECTA. Current Occasional Teacher Representative for Toronto Secondary Unit. All opinions are my own.

RT @Markus4Ward2: The Four stages of life ; 1: You believe in Santa✅ 2: You don't believe in Santa❌ 3: You become Santa 🎁 4: You look like…

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IlleGal Art In My Heart 😏

Potrait Artist For OhmFluke 💙 Check Them Out Under My Thread!😊 Do Not Repost My Art ! 🚫 IG : @.masariai

RT @nonahmrn10: Santa Claus is Comin’ to town🎄5555

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cristhian :))

he/him mastering the art of starting over 🦋

Bells in santa fe, la mejor canción de IICHLIWP imo

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Iridescent Ashes

Thoroughly VET & VOTE! We've seen an abundance of 🇺🇲 HORROR via Trumpster🔥45** +GQP CORRUPTION & LIES Was 'no party affiliation' swing/split voter now reg D

RT @TrumpsTaxes: @EPCSheriff How on earth could anyone have thought that this tweet was a good idea? Most Americans are tired of gun viole…

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Un Anónimo Músical

Amante del Ska, FutureFunk, Jazz, Rock, Citypop ... Melómano Amateur y Skaparafans locutor en IsekaianimeRadio del espació J-SoundCity 🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶🎼🔉🔊🔈

Top 15 - 11 las 30 latinas de la ciudad musical #Jsoundcity 15. Tokyo Ska Paradise orchestra x Moral distraida - Ri…

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RT @aaron_dx02: @InfoFreestyle2 Qué difícil ha de ser batallar contra Replik. En un momento te habla de Santa María con Herodes montando un…

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