16 yes i am boy quality always over quantity

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janel nobody

i'm trying to write a book and i spend too much time thinking about star wars. icon by @wispywhat

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Imogen☁️ Twitch Emote Artist

Immy | 20 | She/Her

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i do art & tattoos | she/her | 20

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Sean Tamura

Content Creator of The Hawke. Freelance Video editor; Graphic design; Camera Guy; Draw Guy; Streamer; Nintendo lover; Email:

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с: Эчпочмак гениальной лингвистки и маэстро

| Невежество корень всех зол | Отаку | Интроверт | Студент | Космополит | Monogatari |Steins;Gate| Pandora Hearts | TG | Jojo |♂ but proradfem | ЛВФЭ СЛИ INTP-a

RT @GirogiArts: Here's my take on the #sailormoonredraw. Fusing it with my favorite universe and turning her into a Sister of Battle~ ^3^ 💙…

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💮🌹 @ what is an ancient to a Good Boy

internet hermit with a love for writing, cross-stitch, and her fictional faves being rapturously, miserably in love

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🎀方向オンチです🎀文系苦手です🎀 時たま作詞なんかしてます🎀 源氏名を【🎀香🎀雪🎀翼🎀】と言います🎀ふぁぼ💞RTのお礼には裏垢@mikuruchan115みくるちゃんを発動させます(鍵垢の方々は裏から見えないので相互よろぴく)🎀

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👉👁👄👁👈 retired captcha generator

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Languages : GER/ ENG amateur artist who recently started doing digital art💻🖱/mostly doing fanart /♀️/ introvert/ political stuff is found here too

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いんく(੭ ᐕ)੭🍆📖🖌

ロリと、おっぱい好きな絵描き(੭ ᐕ)੭ 依頼は有償でご理解くださいm(*_ _)m フォロバ100% 自分からフォローすることはほぼない。 望月けい先生と、LAM先生が好きです(*´ω`*) 変人なので、リプ貰った人は気をつけてください JapanesePainter🇯🇵 複垢╭☞(@inkinkiniink)

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Tony Rivera

i love to play video games and say stupid shit

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人間は罪でいっぱいです。私はそれらを密かにする必要があります。😎 カジュアルアニメファン。 時々描くのが大好きです。

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Art ama Catradora

falo muito de gibizinho. dou muito rt em catradora.

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