Minnesotan. Lefty Zionist. Jayhawk & long suffering TWolves fan. Learning to decolonize my Jewish identity. I think I'm smarter than I am 😬

Watched the Rugrats Chanukah episode ,(season 4 episode 1 FYI) it's wonderful. It's not Jewish Xmas like most other…

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Carrie White Would Renew Infinity Train

Call me Star Gazer || Inspiring animator,living shitpost -- (Xe/Xim | 20 | Pansexual) || Creator of Book 4.5, All Together Now, and Passenger Mrs.Park AU

RT @CartoonGal1: Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish community! #TheGhostAndMollyMcGee #tgamm #MollyMcGee #Rugrats #GravityFalls #TheSimpson…

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full time communist, wife, mom, and intensely high maintenance person. let’s fuck this shit up. she/her

@primarycatdad Rugrats

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it me again (CRR: Blue Period & Lovely Complex)

she/her | artist & writer (that barely draws or writes) | getting that film degree✌🏾

This makes me wanna make a MHA: Baby Adventures fic. Gonna be a mix of rugrats x the backyardigans.

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his name is cujo and he is my son

happy rugrats hanukkah

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Eric J. Pringle

Lazy Animator

RT @EdPiskor: Super proud to present to you, @CartoonKayfabe viewers, the most substantial PETER CHUNG interview/conversation that exists…

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Thatoneguy Ao no Hako Hype

just a weird ass dude. Read Asahinagu and We Never Learn it'll do ya good. Flame-Eyed Cyclops is gonna be amazing

@AshCoo13 @IHeartFatAmy @illustjuan In the rugrats in paris movie, one of the main subplots was chuckie wanting a m…

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21 🔸he/him 🔸 art- anime, mostly jojo/jojo ocs lol 🔸wanted a space to post more nsfw stuff🔸 find me on tumblr & ao3- the-thong-of-achilles, insta- vientrisi

this one guard kinda looks like cynthia from rugrats mixed with sid from toy story #stoneocean #jojo_anime

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The Huggle Bunny the Naru Narusegawa Simp

He/Him|16|Avid AniManga fan|Also a Browns, Chelsea, and Celtics|Watch Sanjay and Craig (Seasons 2 and 3 only) and Read AOT, Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Love Hina

RT @CartoonGal1: Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish community! #TheGhostAndMollyMcGee #tgamm #MollyMcGee #Rugrats #GravityFalls #TheSimpson…

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Sup ya'll? Name's Chelsea. I'm 22 and I love and breathe cartoons. I dream of being an animator. I also draw, write fics and love reading comics and books :)

Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish community! #TheGhostAndMollyMcGee #tgamm #MollyMcGee #Rugrats #GravityFalls…

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Ces Heredia

Writer / Mexicana 🇲🇽 / Jewish / Words on @Hey_Alma, @HuffPost, @InStyle and others / She/her/ella

RT @itsLIAT: First time lighting the Rugrats menorah

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Margot Mazur

Head of BD and Partnerships at @crosschqhq. Future-focused. Sign up for my weekly wine newsletter The Fizz: 🏳️‍🌈

Just a reminder that the Rugrats Chanukah special exists.

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Cory Pelletier

Like: |Music|Sports|movies|Nintendo|Animals|

@NickRewind @NickRewind it’s awesome how Rugrats @Nickelodeon taught us different holiday traditions it was classy…

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Hanna Switlekowski

SelectBoard @townofsharonma, @Northeastern MPA,@BrandeisUAlumni,#mapoli,engaged in community & hope to make a difference in life. Views are my own.

RT @BrandeisU: "The Rugrats" Hannukkah episode will always hold a special place in the hearts of kids who grew up in the 1990s. Read more:…

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🎶 Kaija 🎶

She/Her. 29. It's good to be good weird.

@Thesupernintend @Toon4Thought I know for sure Rugrats had one, but I can't think of any others. Proud Family had…

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