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Trevor Barry 4 Saanich Council 🎷+CRD

Council Candidate. President #NorthQuadra. Dad👨‍👧‍👦. Sax @BestCoastBB. SFU City grad. Climate Policy Wonk. Vote TB, Top of your Ballot, for our kids’ future.

@amazingplacepod Me+kiddos💚💟 turtles 🐢 & ducks 🦆 at our favourite #saanich park: BECKWITH. It’s an AMAZING family-f…

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Bloody Elbow

The Official Mixed Martial Arts Blog of the SB Nation

1-2 from Jones. And he pops the jab. Barcelos ducks in, grabs the single leg and gets the trip. Jones scrambling ha…

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You Have Used Me As a Fish Long Enough

The two teams I will ride or die for is the Oregon ducks and the Houston Astros due to my familial relations

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During the intermission fans got to ride the Zamboni. Each Zamboni has a sponsor. One was @McDonalds and the other…

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Exploratory Data Alex

Data scientist at Microsoft. Regression enjoyer, pivot table appreciator. Anti-war, anti-cop, pro-civil rights.

@bcs43163304 @pavtalk @Superfast The Seattle one had an infamous fatal crash as well

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Long days and pleasant nights to ya, sai.

@biology_slut @ExileGrimm Nice, we have ride the ducks here.

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RJ Mactradey

Fan of old movies from the 70s-80s. Pill addiction survivor (twice). Love basketball, football, the ocean, hiking, sun, wine and saying “fuck it let’s go”

@BarstoolBigCat @d00gs Ducks gonna ride. Also like the Huskies

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Pilot and Aviation sales consultant

@noli_timere1 @mcdavis4life @eklind_j @coffee_anytime They want to play have fun. Chase the ducks at the lake and r…

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Joshua Lewis

I believe in coyotes and time as an abstract

@bigblackjacobin Ride the Ducks 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Science, academic greeting cards, lablit,


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Alexander Schperberg

PhD Student @UCLA / @RoMeLaUCLA / intern at @merl_news / Robotics / Controls / RL / Motion Planning

In Anaheim: My first NHL game was lots of fun and the Anaheim ducks won. New Star Wars ride in Disneyland was one o…

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Bon | Goats 'n Gourds

Usually rambling about what I'm watching or reading. 👻🌙🔮📚 Enby; She/Her or They/Them; Ace/Aro; Cane Wielder.


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TV/Radio Personality/Producer/Filmmaker. Events Manager. Are you a fan? Visit my Facebook fan page and hit the like button.

I watched 2 little ducks 🦆 ride out this entire hurricane 🌀 in the water! Just swimming and resting in hurricane wi…

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State Rep Maria Perez🎗💪🏽✊🏾🇸🇻🇵🇪🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸

ViceChair of @NHCSL Human Rights committee ,State Rep Milford NH , Klobuchar regional organizer, Agriculture 🧑‍🌾 and environmental committee/ Teamster238

RT @Women2Dc: All the #naples #HurricanIan pics & videos r horrifying. Here’s some feel good happy pics of my 6 ducks safe & sound cuddling…

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Alethea Shapiro NaplesStrong #ian

#istandwithTHESQUAD #berniedemocrat #runAOC2024 #democraticsocialism #BLM #DTP 🚎 all 50 states

All the #naples #HurricanIan pics & videos r horrifying. Here’s some feel good happy pics of my 6 ducks safe & soun…

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