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adrian millward

Hi, I am "REALITY CHECK!" My main aim is to spread the "Good News" of the "Gospel of Jesus Christ!" And also to reveal Bible Prophecy truths to the World!

@RiderPride1234 May God Bless you and protect your family too Rick!

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Rick Yeager

Identity Politics is destroying the USA. #TheRealResistance #WhatYouCanDoNow #Trump2020 #MAGA

Domestic Terror Group, BLM Chicago, “The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to…

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Rick Grimes

4years and going i remember me walking out of hospital think what the FUCK is this NOW i am a 5STAR Zombie Killer

A highly pleasant day may be in store for you as optimistic Ju... More for Capricorn


Otobong Idem

Medical laboratory scientist, minister of the gospel,lives in Lagos, Nigeria and loves hard work

@RiderPride1234 Amen, thanks Rick you're a good man may the Lord bless you and your family.

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Im Just Generic

Oh, You’re approaching my profile?

The idea of Rick May being gone still makes me cry. Rest In Peace

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yingjue chen WIZARDS 8/7

Art Director on Wizards for DWTV. 3below. Trollhunters. nominated for Annie once. all opinions my own. contact :

@majesticrocket @gayseunggil I used BIPOC because Rick Martinez has left as well due to contract negotiations and e…

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Rick Baumhauer

Connecticut-based photographer and consultant. I have hundreds of happy clients all over CT and NY - get in touch if you want to join them!

@chrizap Read the novel, I think for a college science fiction course in the late 80s. May have to revisit that - I remember liking it.

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Freedom Eagle Fighter #Resistance

TF2 and COD player. Follow me = I follow you back, homie. Unfollow me = its ok. #Resistance #Resist Friend me on Steam and we can play Team Fortress 2 together!

COVID-19 Kobe Bryant George Floyd Rick May US-Iran imminent war TF2 bot crisis Australia bushfire Beirut Floods in…

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Gateway 🌟🌟🌟

Helping find a way through the twitterverse into the storm.

RT @JosephJFlynn1: Prayers for Jimmy.... May the Archangels surround him ... #CatholicsforTrump

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Old skeptic, internet veteran from pre-1990. Alabama born til 1970, then to Berkeley, CA and vicinity. I try to read and validate all news, left or right.

@MichaelSteele @RepsForBiden @TheRickWilson I'd vote for Rick for president (even though I don't think he's crazy e…

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I run the Youtube channel Lockjaw

This is my (very late) tribute to Rick May (voice actor for Soldier)

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Malcolm Willoughby

No, I'm not MAGA and I am not a bot. Lost my Devins cow branded account apparently because a group with 900k followers doesn't like the facts. c'est la vie.

@thepressAU @TheRickWilson I think what Rick is saying is that the people in the room don't behave the way we might…

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King Bread, Lord of Toast

Thee am the king of bread, lord of toast thee shall perish especially if thee hast a wheat allergy.

@BingingWBabish Rick May is still being tributed if you would like to tribute make the breads that can be teleport…

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mahesh kumar bajaj

Retired Health Professional , Rationalist ,Nationalist and Secularist ...

RT @DrAlkaRay2: Greetings on Janamashtami! May Shri Krishna keep us strong, healthy and safe. Need your prayers and good wishes for my bro…

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OB One

Business Analyst, Environmentalist, technical trainer, technology lover | Husband, father, brother | Jamaican | RT ≠ endorsement

@rick_case Will fantastic idea, but may be short notice to very everything in place. But definitely for there next one

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