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Euro fan: 🇷🇺🇬🇧💓

My top of the second semifinal of #Eurovision 2021 1. Moldova 2. Switzerland 3. Serbia 4. Greece 5. San Marino…

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🇪🇺 🇲🇨🇨🇭Dan Popescu 🇫🇷🇮🇹🇷🇴

Consultant/Analyst Gold/Silver/Forex; Precious Metals, Currencies, International Monetary System, Gold Standard, Geopolitics; BSc Science (Physics)

Only Anglo-saxon ignorants of history, geography can believe a few British military toys can protect Moldova from a…

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Doing my Twitter, my way. Trying to find the other side of events between Russia and Ukraine. And other news.

Dodon commented on NATO's plans to arm Moldova. The republic does not need the military "help" of the Alliance, be…

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A squirrel

@IuliiaMendel Sorry, no! They didn't liberate Romanians! Romania received an ultimatum from USSR on 26 June 1940 to…

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Just a curious person

What's your answer? A new question every 30 minutes! Follow to question your life! #why #meme #questioning

Can you name a city in Moldova (the Republic of)?

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!


Dodon commented on #NATO's plans to arm #Moldova. The republic does not need the military "help" of the Alliance,…

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Radio Romania International

Official Twitter profile of Radio Romania International/ Pagina oficială de Twitter a Radio România Internațional (RRInternational)

(2/4) #Survey: In a ranking of #friendly states, first comes the Republic of Moldova, followed by Germany and the U…

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MaltaPermRep 🇲🇹 🇪🇺

Official Twitter account of the Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU. Successor of #EU2017MT since 01/07/17. Follow us for news & Updates.

RT @followianborg: In the margins of today's @CoE Committee of Ministers in Turin met the FM of incoming EU Presidency Czech Republic 🇨🇿 @J…

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BNO|Medriva 🇲🇩 Newsroom

BNO @Medriva 🇲🇩 Edition. Your most trusted coronavirus media newsroom bringing you breaking news, data modeling & research. For tips please DM.

Moldova is keeping a low rate of Covid infections: impressive for a small country. After 15,544 testing, the Moldo…


Japanese “KANJI”

🇯🇵Japanese usually uses three kinds of character.🏯This account introduces a #kanji in particular.😘😘

摩爾太 (Republic of Malta) 摩納哥 (Principality of Monaco) 摩爾多瓦 (Republic of Moldova)

Alia Papageorgiou 😷

Journo, Spox, President @PressClubBXLEU & VP @AEJBelgium | Ex @EUinAus et al | @UNSWCanberra Master in Cyber & @KentLawSchool grad | Displaced Melburnian ☕️

RT @NinetaBarbules1: During the long journey for Republic of Moldova towards becoming member of the European Union and it's reunification w…

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Nineta Bărbulescu

Romanian Ambassador to Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam ex/amb to Pacific ocean states. Mother GrandMom Spouse. Antiwar. Tweets are views, thanks 4 endorsements!

During the long journey for Republic of Moldova towards becoming member of the European Union and it's reunificatio…

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William Wolf

@simongerman600 But many of the numbers, and the ranking itself, are quite at odds with similar measures, for examp…

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