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A graphic design and product design enthusiast. Kind gentleman 💙

RT @DevTobs: The first red flag to watch out for in a guy is “laziness” Some dudes are just lazy; I mean intentionally lazy. They barely w…

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🌸 Kristin MM#250910 🌸

Spectre status recognized. She/her 🥰 Bachelor's degree in Biology-Earth Sciences. Working on my Master's in Geomatics. #Skeptic #Gamer #Atheist #OnYourLeft

@djmeadows87 @sceptictakeout You said ”name the time & place. I’ll show up.” I named right here right now. I’ll r…

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Olowoselu Samuel


I learnt somethings recently, 1. When ever God grants you access to great and influential people, never appear emp…

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Emetite jacklyn

studied marine engineering at Rsust, love arsenal fc

RT @ifeanyiakorjuru: @SaharaReporters Thank God ths Red flag is notified early. ASO ROCK IS NOT A RETIREMENT HOME FOR SICK AND THE ELDERLY

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Ana Maria 🌟🙏🌟

Um ser em construção. Vivendo com alegria o outono desta minha jornada.

RT @delsonno9_lisa: I ❤️ the sign nature/God gives us that Christmas draws near us in Florida. My oranges are ripening, and my poinsettias…

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dr emer mchugh

lecturer/professional Shakespeare opinion haver. quare autistic. Irish Shakespeares, actors, theatre & celebrity. Daphne sun, Frasier moon, Niles rising. 🏳️‍🌈

@monday_mystic Oh my god they’re both so horrible to her!! I just wanted her to chop off both their heads with the red shoes

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mary⤮ | fan acc

fan acc | supports 🐺🐱🐷🐰🥟🐿🐥🐶🦊 | INFJ | 20 | Non-binary | Pfp from Enchantè

RT @skzpromo4: 🎧 STRAY KIDS STREAMING BATTLE on @renaissanceapp 📆 12/4 @ 0 KST (24 hr party) Pick a team & get ready to stream! 📣Team G…

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brave   ﹠   blooming.        


there’s a rage inside her, violent ﹠ burning —— but god, is she so tired of seeing red.

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

monadarling 🕊️

RT @Mahisidhu19: Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people.... AUDIENCE VOICE ARCHANA

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Hina 111

RT @Mahisidhu19: Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people AUDIENCE VOICE ARCHANA

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Baby Tamara Coin (BABYTAM) on Polygon Network🪙Get pain relief on Digital Angel Drugs go to my page and (click) button number is loaded with Baby Heroin placebo

RT @RedLetterMin: ‘Father God's Throne of Peace’ by Red Letter Ministries is on #SoundCloud

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proud momma of 1 democrat through and through the only way to save our democracy I support my LGBTQIA peeps 🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Be who you are make you happy 🙂

@CHIMERA50109894 @jpeterson1987 @OriginalDavidL @TheJordanRachel No they don’t this info was out in 2020 and consid…

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Official Twitter of the Glenwood Gator Boys and Girls Basketball Teams! Boys State Champions '85,'07,'13,'17 Girls 75,76,07,08,14,15,17,21,22

RT @JoshNiblett: “To God be the Glory”. I am so proud of our players, our staff and the whole Red K1NGDOM! The Big Red Machine & our chee…

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video games. guitar. programming. cooking. airsoft. tech stocks. nfl. coffee.

every time you see some bullshit corporate tech that you know is awful to use but is still paid for anyway i thank…



god @OatesQuaker @walkercollects @snkrsazllc @Kuschlowski @puybrrwork @asianNFTguy @MPV4WFLG8CvFsQL @ProfOake…

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