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Ray of Sunshine

Living my best life☺️

RT @Desire2Write: Gentle reminder: Everything that you’re manifesting is already yours... remember THAT!

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Rachel T.

World Traveler🌐 CNU’20

RT @thekayanova: Y’all are terrified of initiating conversation after conflict. I’m not your mother. I’m not whatever ex that used to blow…

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Kenon Slybe

Hello old friend

RT @AndrewYang: Jamie Dimon, Ray Dalio and others have looked at the numbers and concluded that we should declare a national emergency that…

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'Mr. Right'

While President Trump Makes America Great Again, I intend to share my views and defeat the opposition. #MAGA #MrRight #NoLeftTurns #Uncensored #NeverSilenced.

RT @MelanieMetz6: @stlpcs @CathleenVets @nancyleeca @SmithsCoffeepot @NickRicci5 @pjbowles4 @McUkes @Cromag_19 @Ginalolaknits @Gina4DJT2020…

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好きなのは、まいてつ、Summer Pokets、シャーロット、魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ(特にクロムマグナのノアとクロスディライブのエニィ)、はいふり、無職転生(ロキシー教徒です)、Wows(にわかの艦好きです)、鉄道好きで寝台特急や国鉄型の車両が好きです。声優は田辺留依さん推しです。気軽によろしくです!

黒ウィズコンサートBlu-rayきてたーー!最高です。以上 #黒ウィズ #黒猫のウィズ #魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ

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Pro-Israel #MAGA #KAG #TRUMP2020 #2A #NRA #GOA #codeofvets @WayneDupreeShow @GenFlynn @RealDrGina @ScottBaio @RyanAFournier @JessieJaneDuff #WalkAway

RT @realRawPaul: @ToddPhi65946577 @Thepissedpatri1 @On_Extension @realRawPaul @Frankpatriot0 @USMCQdawg @R_CORTLAND…

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• Medusa • IG: devils.flower

RT @RapAllStars: Ray J thought his glasses were unbreakable 🤣

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DC born/MD raised/NoVA livin’. @frostburgstate & @sigtaufsu alum. 🇳🇬 x 🇺🇸 #allcaps #fightfinished #dcfamily #dcu #togetherdc #terps #ravensflock

“Live look at Tiger”

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eu só quero que tudo isso acabe⚰️

só Deus sabe a saudade que eu to dessa menina...

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16/08 💙

RT @montilhom: nunca fui mas morro de vontade

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Peter Wilson

Manager of Coverage & Content, @boston25. This wire has breaking news, weather & sports, including some tweets about the fastest game on 2 feet. #Boston25

Reaction to Ray Lahood's comments about FMCB meetings from @transitmatters



The most famous boy in a wheelchair here to Inspire other disabled people to be great. model, rapper, & public figure.

RT @MATEO_ONE: rolling ray said mind your mf business and I really wish y’all would do just that 😩

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Psychedelic Detective, Thought Engine and Knight of Chaos.

@LASTEXITshirts The @ArrowFilmsVideo blu ray of The Exorcist III. 👍

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Paul Bastkowski

LEILA PAGE's Father. SOUTHPAW. HOLLYROCKER & PIRATE. MAJOR Pageboys, Pinstripers & Big Blue Fanatic. Gonna keep on tryin til I reach THE HIGHEST ground!!!

RT @peggysueailoviu: RAY CHARLES MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY - 1979

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