RT @MelissaLMRogers: A funeral Director in Montreal is speaking out about realities he’s seeing - 3x more suicides lately. Recently as youn…

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Samira Ahmed (on hiatus)

NYT & Indie Bestselling Author of LOVE, HATE & OTHER FILTERS, INTERNMENT, and MAD, BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW. Believe in science. Art is resistance. She/Her

@kauaibrarian Same! That’s where I first read about it. Then I was in Quebec City one winter and I saw them doing i…

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MSN Québec

Le portail québécois où vous informer et vous divertir. Retrouvez-nous aussi sur Facebook :

20 vinyles qui valent une fortune


Randall Lace

#BidenHarris #resist St. Louis Cardinals ⚾️

RT @titocurtis: 1. One year ago, the premier and editorial writers for the most widely-circulated newspaper in Quebec characterized Kahnawa…

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Christine Pacheco MD MSc FRCPC

Cardiologist. Researcher. Women’s Heart Health specialist. Former Cedars-Sinai Fellow.

RT @RadioCanadaInfo: La Cour supérieure suspend l'application du décret sur le couvre-feu au Québec pour les itinérants…

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Poetry/Reviews. Work up at @arcpoetry @alacarteblanche @TheAntigonish @fillingstation @vallummag @HamRevofBooks @thepuritan @PeriodicityJ @PRISMlitmag

At long last, reason prevails.

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Josh Dehaas

Writer, editor and student at Osgoode Hall Law School.

RT @ricochet_en: BREAKING: A Superior Court judge has ruled that homeless people must be exempted from Quebec’s curfew. Judge Chantal Masse…

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Neil L 🇨🇦 🐓🍷🌵

Has been called "the worst kind of friend to have -- and I mean that in a good way."

The Gazette should have run this editorial 20 years ago, instead of trying to appease francophone language zealots…

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RT @CTVMontreal: Judge suspends Quebec's curfew for the province's homeless

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Nadia Bourque

RT @aussant: Vous êtes-vous déjà dit que le prix des vols régionaux n'avait juste pas de bon sens au Québec? Moi aussi. Enfin…

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Barny Haines

RT @ricochet_en: BREAKING: A Superior Court judge has ruled that homeless people must be exempted from Quebec’s curfew. Judge Chantal Masse…

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Le Québec est multiculturel depuis ses origines, contrairement à la France. Non au modèle français en faillite, chez nous.🇨🇦

@vnpedmbdc @27benji LOL, landry a fait voter une loi sur l’indivisibilité du Québec, autrement dit les autochtones…

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@thing_touch @FewDemitrius @512Jet @EBGamesCanada Only two states exceed 10% annually involving trade with canada..…

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Dan Crawley

Weather Forecaster (@FHWxN) Freelance Sports Writer, Delivery driver, and diehard Wolfpacker!!! if you need something done, i 'll do it!

I know a lot of attention in the NC weather community is on late tomorrow night and Thursday. But my eyes is on thi…

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Jonathan Greenan

Turbulent priest, ex-Jeopardy! champ, progressive, proud Islander. Always interested in making good trouble. He/him.

RT @Justin_Ling: Another arrest of a man alleged to be plotting an act of domestic terrorism against the Canadian government.…

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