🇨🇦 Professional volunteer. Mother of 2

RT @WajahatAli: "Trust the Science!" Also, "Climate change is a hoax!," "Jewish Space Lasers." and "QAnon." The GOP 2021 and beyond.

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Mother of 3 amazing kids 2 grandsons animal lover and housewives fanatic bravo lover proud Canadian 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

RT @donwinslow: Dear Qanon, March 4 is also bullshit. Just like all your previous dates. Just like the JFK, Jr. story. So when March 4 pa…

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RT @TheRickyDavila: QAnon terrorist Marjorie Greene tried to block the Equality Act as a way to discriminate against the transgender commun…

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far right business major

RT @Mediaite: Tucker Carlson Calls CNN a ‘Disinformation Network’ More Powerful and ‘Destructive’ Than QAnon

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Political junkie living in New York. No DMs.

RT @DearAuntCrabby: QAnon followers jump on U.S. Marshals tweet about March 4 inauguration Auntie loves a great conspiracy theory. But, th…

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Linda ❤️Here to Make America A Better Place❤️🙏

Mom to Marine & AF vets ~Proud grandma/great-grandma~ Recently left the Republican party bc it's a pro-death cult of ungodly God, Country & Cats

QAnon is a continuation of the long history of 'Satanic panics' in the US: report

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CODE CIVIL décrété le 5 mars 1803 Art. Ier. Les lois sont exécutoires dans tout le territoire français, en vertu de la promulgation qui en est fait par le Roi.

Les nouvelles sectes selon la Miviludes : QAnon, Jean-Jacques Crèvecœur, les crudivores, les survivalistes...…

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Carson King

Don’t even care.

Congressional Records: February 4, 2021. Have you ever heard any of the conspiracy theories perpetuated by ‘Q’, o…

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Bobby Gladd

Quantitative analyst, writer, musician, photographer, loyal friend, brother, husband, dad, granddaddy (Keenan & Calvin), great-granddaddy (Kai).

It seems that #Qanon has a new anthem. “We Are the Patriots.” ... @GOP @QanonAnonymous

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Physics, Drupal, Science, Data Science, Arithmancy, Skeptic, Cyclist, HAM, Liberal!

RT @TeresaCCarter2: @tedcruz White supremacists, oath keepers, proud boys, Qanon, maga.... Trump supporters.... January 6, 2021.

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Susan Brink

RT @grandmagrit: Qanon now is saying that Biden is dead and when we see him it’s all actors and computer graphics. It’s as if they are tryi…

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Director / Camera / Hollywood experience / Producer/ author / plot Developer/ Filmanimation

I am wondering, that nobody in the USA can stop the Qanon idiots- what is with the FBI? Why they didn’t put all the…

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✊CoyoTe 🥦🔬🔭⚖

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RT @pulsfeuer: Update: Er fährt (wie auch nicht?) auf #QAnon, #Trump und #Querdenker ab. Besseres QED gabs nicht.

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RT @washingtonpost: An epidemic of conspiracy theories, fanned by social media and self-serving politicians, is tearing families apart. htt…

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Truth Seeker, News Spreader, Evolving Moral Conservative Christian Constitutionalist. Livin' and Lovin' the Salt Life...on horseback!

RT @Mediaite: Tucker Carlson Calls CNN a ‘Disinformation Network’ More Powerful and ‘Destructive’ Than QAnon

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