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Thirty-something nerd with ADHD brain. I liked Pepsi Fire.

@SEGA Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

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Was a #Tastafe student studying certificate IV in information technology. Now living in United Kingdom as an #Twitch Streamer, #YouTuber & webmaster

What is your favorite PC game?: I don't game on PC much. I would say the game I've played the most over the years t…

Syteal Celadon ~Shihan of The Digital Dojo~

-Any Pronouns- Storytelling enthusiast. Full time dreamer. Shihan of Digital Dojo! OUR MANTRA: Challenge! Cooperate! Meditate! tag: #digitaldojo

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst on PC and Version 2 on Dreamcast are my latest and greatest once in a year OBSESSIO…

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