今年はなんとか色々な昌磨くんのファンの方やフィギュア好きな方とお話できたら嬉しいなぁ✨こんな私で良ければ仲良くして下さい😊宇野昌磨選手の演技が大好きでフィギュアも大好きです。 良く分かってないので失礼があったらすみません💦

RT @skatejapanews: Lucas Tsuyoshi Honda performed his free program “Exogenesis” at GP Espoo 2022. ⬇️ 3S, 1A, 3A(F), 3Lo, 3Lz+3T, 3F+1A+SEQ…

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bibimbap | downsizing

🦅🐹 #pskproofs

pic 1 adlv pcs - 900 ea tzuyu kiosk ld - 300 momo skoolooks - 300 yias - 500 pic 2 nayeon tc set - 350 (no pbd)…

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Shopping Alert 🇩🇪

Online-Shopping für Elektronik, Bekleidung und mehr. @amazon @amazonDE #Amazon🇩🇪 @eBay #eBay🇩🇪 as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

200 Pcs Suppe Filter Tasche Infusion Tee Taschen Tee Sieb Tasche via @eBay #eBay🇩🇪

lets gauurr | i saw txt!!

multi stan !♡ mainly TXT sb19 and enha ~

RT @TitaKeys: WTS LFB ONHAND PH REPRICED! IU PHOTOCARD SETS Can do tingi of pcs. ‼️ SALE ‼️ The Present I - 450 each (400/pc if getting…

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that's hot

gonna start collecting gidle pcs na den 🤩

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🍑 @_amyluvv & 🍄@jeweeelblnc 🛒🛒 ❗ BTS, SEVENTEEN, ENHYPEN Onhands & extras.

#weeeluvvONHANDS wts lfb ph only BTS Be Album & winter package Jimin Photocards • weverse pob - 480 • essent…

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mia • ebbg?

࣪손 𓍢 ּ mostly buying and kalats • ៶៶ׄ ֗ ᶻᶻ ꒱

RT @jnkvenom: LF KAHATI !! wts lfb will only get marked pcs, prio taking more - payo once all are taken - reply/dm mine + pic t. blackpi…

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멘 달아주시면 뎀 바로 읽어요 부분환불, 거파❌

에이티즈 성화 홍중 윤호 여상 산 민기 우영 종호 미공포 양도합니다 DM주세요 에이티즈 김홍중 박성화 정윤호 강여상 최산 송민기 정우영 최종호 ateez hongjoong seonghwa yunho ye…

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lets gauurr | i saw txt!!

multi stan !♡ mainly TXT sb19 and enha ~

RT @TitaKeys: #TitaKeysSuklian Tita Keys Giveaway Huling banat sa 2022 (1/n) 50 pesos gcash giveaway!! 2 winners!! rt & follow rt quoted…

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yumi | closing after qs

#yumicart - bentables | #yumitotoo - feedbacks | ext acc: @yumibudols

RT @1622haul: FINAL IC make your own set — 1st pic ratio tbd in dm, 2nd pic ratio 1:1, 3rd & 4th pic tingi — prices will be posted later (…

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#스트레이키즈: you're doing well! ★ danceracha thinker 🗯 currently suffering in uni

RT @hwangsamericano: xdinary heroes gunil had a pc holder toy with bang chan pcs in it and he was proudly showing it off 😭🫶…

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✧ averi , lf bns moots

꒦✧꒷ gg stan ~ bns & fan acc ࿐ ˊˎ-

jihyo still avail , lowered to P70 t. twice gg photocards ph pcs wts lfb

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nini | lf bns moots ph


What if i-set ko na lang Yung PCs pero w/ jay na

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RT @online_on_ice: 全日本ジュニア🌷女子SP 昨年3位🥉千葉百音選手が2位💨 PCSは全体1位👏フリー最終グループ6名でただ一人の高校生🎶オトナの表現&スケーティングを見せてくれました🎞 ただ本人は「もっと良いジャンプが跳べた」と表情緩めず❤️‍🔥フリーで全て…

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Xoxo here^^ p23 addicted 🖤

RT @honeypuduu: Merayakan ultah chenle aku mau give away yaa 1 pcs digipack mini album winter dream candy (cover random) untuk 1 orang Sy…

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