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ave ☆ 밍키 📚

ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* november 26, 1999 ; when god painted the most adorable person. #정우영 ✩ +63 ~ she/her '99 ☆

RT @macloudroni: every single atinys need to read this! we’ve been doing our best since day one and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy…

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Juliet Lin

22 | Virgo | Nicholas Kuan ❤️

RT @syaeezaaa: Was reading about Ebit Lew & man, it's scary. Scary because sometimes, a secret can one day be revealed. Nothing & nobody is…

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be simple rather than impressive😀

And most important thing is that india which is 10X dense in population to Pakistan,has been successfuly conductibg…

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Work In Progress. Goat Farmer, Sheep Farmer, Dog Farmer and mostly a critic

RT @DanPriceSeattle: I did the math. You're way, way closer to being homeless than to being a billionaire. If you support billionaires pay…

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σℓóүè ọℓá∂ιмεנι™


RT @islamicfreedom: One day you will have what you ever wanted. Don't stop believing in Allah's perfect timing,

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she/her 18 BTS💜 txt/skz/enhypen DANMEI📖 ANIME💞 A MESS

RT @alapadma2: That joke also implied that young girls don't care about global issues. They do. And maybe there is a 15 year old female ARM…

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音楽を聴くことが好きです。 たまに曲作りも。格安で車椅子ごと車へ乗り降りする術の情報を求めています。 再利用導尿カテを外出時個室で洗えるトイレ情報を集めています。外出の機会があってもトイレが無いから自宅に戻ってます。コンビニに多機能オストメイト設置を望みます。普段はベッドで寝て過ごしてます。

RT @98t_nt: おはようございます。雨のち曇り 9月22日水曜日 国際ピーチクリンアップデー カーフリーデー One web day 花園ラグビーの日 孤児院の日 国際救世軍設立記念日 フィットネスの日 ライソゾーム病の日 いつもありがとうございます。良い一日を笑顔…

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竹子诗 。

📍คุณแม่น้องโม่หราน, ศาสนาองค์ไท่จื่อ📍« multi-fandom » ; always lost in a book

อห the last day, not one day before ตุยหวา

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Aheebwa David💚

An introvert

@PatriqKanyomozi One day 🙏🙏

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peony ⋆꙳

; เบลอทุกวัน — 📦 #ร้านคุณพพ 📚 #พพขายหนังสือ ส่งหนังสือวันถัดไปทันที 🙏🏻💯

แต่ตลก ในเพลง one day ท่อน hmmm ที่ยืนรวมกัน มีแค่ 5 คน ไม่มีฮยองวอนเพราะ he ต้องกักตัว ถ่าย mv ทิพย์ ตัดต่อให้ร่วมฉากกับเมมเบอร์เอา

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Phani for SSR ❤️🤞

Sirf aur sirf Justice for SSR ke liye!

RT @RockClimber29: Punish SSR Killers Under 302 📌The statements of Sidharth Pithani and household staff are inconsistent with one another…

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Ziggy McDougal || Play Ender Lilies

M. 22. He/Him. Data Science Post Grad. Metroid, Dark Souls, XBC and Hollow Knight nerd. Currently Playing: Bravely Default 2 & FF Tactics

So Dark Souls is officially 10 years old. Happy B day to one of my top 3 favorite games of all time and for basical…

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DivyaPrakash Sharma


RT @ARanganathan72: An incredible 7.5 million Indians have been vaccinated today - that's more than one entire New Zealand vaccinated withi…

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RT @DragaliaLostApp: Just five more days until the 3rd anniversary of #DragaliaLost! We'll be posting illustrations from the Dragalia Lost…

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RT @melodiousboice: F-R-I-E-N-D-S ; in this overwhelming world, i need you ✨ seven members version of teleTOB cos why not. hoping it will…

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