Pil and Bonito Flakes

#sadpilhours | Bub's 🐺 | Words to live by: Buy it na. - St. Beemb, Patron Saint of Budol

RT @ruichlu4: Thinking Kuroo had to fly to (somewhere) with the JVA because of the Olympics and their home was so quiet and lonely for 4 mo…

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Bartle Frere

Documenting life in this happy boarding house.

Well done to Tom, Leighton, Harry and Dan for taking on the House Olympics 100 Rep Challenge at morning call today.…

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清水翔太ファン デビュー当時からファンです。 ライブ初参戦は 2010/3/19 横浜BLITZのライブ フォロー宜しくお願い致します。無言フォローさせてください。 ワーホリでカナダ🇨🇦アルバータ州に滞在経験あり。ニューヨークマンハッタンにも滞在経験あり。

Hopes for Tokyo’s Summer Olympics Darken

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𝘭𝘪𝘭𝘺 🍒

af / 1a ortho clermont-fd / ig: lily_lprt

🕯 🕯 🕯 simone biles for the 2024 olympics in paris 🕯 🕯 🕯

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Common Man

@Olympics 🇮🇳 for #Tokyo2020

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nao ♥︎

#MIYATWINS: user osamufucks this is the FIFTH you cried bout us please stop weirdo we’re not even real

if ushiatsu no canon, why bench mates at olympics?

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derek kliger

cant believe what’s happening get rid of bojo Hancock witty .Spurs the bright thing at the moment hate uber amazon Airbnb all stealing small businesses living

@leecheshire @rtjpoet @charliekiss @JonnElledge @JaspJackson Boris cable car was mainly paid for by emirates and us…

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RT @954Cobi: Every white American in 1936 cheering on Jesse Owens in the olympics

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Distinct Today

Today's News and information ... Now

The five rarest 50p coins revealed including Kew Gardens and Olympics ones



RT @kikko_no_blog: ニューヨークタイムズ「延期された東京五輪の開催は新型コロナのパンデミックによって日に日に不可能へ向かっている。JOCとIOC双方の担当者は安全な大会を開催することは不可能かもしれないと認め始めている。日本の世論調査では80%近くが中止か再延…

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Pil and Bonito Flakes

#sadpilhours | Bub's 🐺 | Words to live by: Buy it na. - St. Beemb, Patron Saint of Budol

RT @manyangrygeese: I organized a little secret Santa exchange called #geeseExchange (some people tagged some didn’t it’s okay y’all) but m…

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Hopes for Tokyo’s Summer Olympics Darken- "Thomas Bach, the president of the I.O.C., has said that postponing the G…

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I was born very far from where im supposed to be, and so I'm on my way home...

@Tamaraxgreen @retroflows She really thought it was the fuckin depression Olympics like take SEVERAL seats

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Scottish Regional Group IStructE

Tristram Carfrae @ArupGroup discusses his work creating the Water Cube - Beijing’s National Aquatics Centre for the…

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Jesus is Lord 🙌😍 | Just a Girl With a Sword

Did Twitter remove the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony tweets on the TL? 🤔

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