A Gamer who likes Anime and things about Japan

@ValorantEsports Im Asian SEA/Japan/Korea 1. X10 Pathipan 2. CR Zepher 3. CR neth 4. Nuturn Lakia 5. Nth Seoldam Im…

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イモータルかレディアントか激かわアイコン→@Ashupara @Jasper7seのガチアンチ

NUTURN Allowはズル

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Key Opinion Loser

I hate valorant and I plays it everyday.

NUTURN vs V1 paling mantap sih.

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Another Random profile

@valesports_eu V1 Liquid was the fav one for me V1 and Nuturn is a close second

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Cool Guy, Nice

Probably tweeting about how shit I am at golf

Nuturn vs V1

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Platform nge-wibu

@valesports_eu @ValorantEsports Nuturn vs V1 is gold

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@valesports_eu @ValorantEsports Nuturn vs V1

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A 16-year old EDM lover & producer.

@valesports_eu NUTURN vs Version1 as a nuturn fan the match gave me chills

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Remote Website Usability Tester, Owner of Team Infected Dragons, Technology Enthusiast. The road to the top is hard but the view from there is outstanding.

@ValorantEsports I would love to see 100 Thieves , Vision Strikers and Version 1 again , Nuturn, Acend, fnatic as w…

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benny 🍜

the kanye west of twitter | the music guy | 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

@ValorantEsports nuturn/damwon/vision strikers supremacy I'm still here wsp

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You will know who I am.....

@ValorantEsports fnatic and nuturn

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C9 meL

🇺🇸🇮🇩 VALORANT In Game Leader for @Cloud9 #C9White • 2x $50k Womens Champion • 2x RADIANT • your girl's favorite player • inq:

live now, VOD reviewing V1 and Nuturn now with Microsoft's tool :)

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Ohayo konnichiwa oyasumi

RT @anadota99: been watching #VCTMasters and has been super entertaining to watch! nuturn gaming pog

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