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BSB Sanlitun

You want the best for your child. So do we. Providing a British Curriculum in downtown #Beijing, specialising in Early Years and Primary. #NordAngliaEducation

Y5 rounded off their ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ unit by presenting their Keynote presentations about Space Race event…

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Ivan arias


@morixero First man, estaba en Netflix es la película de Neil armstrong en el procesos de llegar a la luna muy muy buena

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Historical Collectable Memorabilia

Historical Collectable Memorabilia. Selected Items. Deals. Product Information. Daily Updated. (eBay Links)

Scott Crossfield Signed The NASA X15 Rocket Plane Test Pilot Neil Armstrong eBay

Alan T

@Femi_Sorry Andrew Neil's intelligence, confidence and authority must give @Femi_Sorry nightmares. Like comparing…

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Truth Seeker

Things are not as they appear, search for truth, Seek God & I’m someone you may know ~Cracker Lackin...Navy VET ~ Son USNA class 2015 LDO/O6

Meanwhile, the astronauts drove their moon buggy, and they jumped across the lunar surface. Neil Armstrong, Buzz A…

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long hug bot

@yzplz 👉🏽 bot by @ACIDAFGHAN

Neil armstrong walking in to the cloud Just internet is needed It’s already installed.

Yz Plz

kt (tami watch my country)

i'm kt ✨ i post my mom's rxns to dramas (sometimes) & rate dogs

@harunocloud telling my children this is neil armstrong and buzz aldrin

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Rafael Perrout

"O mistério gera curiosidade e a curiosidade é a base do desejo..." (Neil Armstrong)

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Charles Bryan says All He Wants for Christmas is.

Lions fan for far too long. While I await their success, I will spend time liking your dog, cat, and pet photos. These are my two babies, Boo Boo and Benny.

@WorldofIsaac Lovable losers! Imagine what will happen if they ever win a Super Bowl. It'll be like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

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Mark Trimby

@asaba_carl Neil Armstrong had a thinner coat when he landed on the moon!! Great commentary UTB 😃

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Trying our best to make earth how most people want it to be, controversy and conspiracy free. Welcome to the Network.

Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, but wait, wasn’t he the last? Nobody has ever gone on the moon befor…

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Bernard Sullivan

Retired stamp collector, bird law enthusiast, neighborhood safety ambassador, Washington Wizards Insider

@RonFilipkowski Pro tip, Buzz Patterson hates it when you ask him if he's jealous that Neil Armstrong got to walk on the moon first

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Hovik E

RT @vicgerami: #Azerbaijan ‘s historical territories include the Moon. Long before Neil Armstrong, #Aliyev ‘s ancestors set foot on the Moo…

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Side of Truth

Independent of political party and religion. Trust science. Would probably argue with both preacher & atheist. BLM. If I follow you, it means something.

@TheTweetOfRhea They will find Neil Armstrong's footprints on the moon and conclude that it was once occupied by lengthy leaches.

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Comedy writer. Celtic STH ES1 🍀🍀🍀🍀

@MrsAstronaut I don't remember it as I wasn't born 'til the day Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin allegedly walked on the moon

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