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iloveyou 😘

RT @melizzajaune: chapter twenty one. ⁣ ⁣ for my 21st, all I wish for is to spread gratitude. i am thankful for you, for my family, for my…

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🇮🇳Ankita (self sufficient ❤✨) ♌🦋

Mechanical Engg Be The 1 who can make ppl fall in love with themselves❤️ Joined on Jan, 21, 2021 4 rth Account ❤✨ another Ac @AnkitaMokal Leo♌🦁

RT @SomaDut96461948: Missing u my Soulmate...more than t last moment... Love u....💝 PMO Fair Justice 4 Sushant

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Hobi myloves🌻

Y'all let me breath for a second. I'm so full of love because of my tannies help I'm so spoiled😭♥️.

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RT @NatashaLately: I promised myself I was gonna air him when he eventually comes online but see me screaming and typing so fast..Ozo has m…

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мiа 🐱

I'm trying ..mckay ?

RT @nesrine2001: I admit of not having a life. Not having hobbies, a social life or a love life. I just be laying in my bed battling my dem…

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Adore Delano called me handsome that one time at DragWorld (He/Him)

Soooo 2 years with the love of my life today but it’s also been one year since he got me this gorge message from th…

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valeria 🍀


Bang chan, my love salvaste mi vida y estoy muy agredecida por eso, eres magico? es que cada vez que estoy triste…

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#ItsOkayToNotBeOkay & Travel Enthusiast

@queenyeaji So cool! My inner child would love to go there someday. I mean, even if only I’m able to visit there wi…

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bree*dark 🎀🏳️‍🌈🇩🇪's the little things in life. *my wife*/*the sea*/*sunrise*/*my cats*/*family*/*photography*/*peaceofmind*

"I love you, Leanne. And I will, till my dying day... or yours." 😭😂😍 That's it, that's the tweet. #Roslea…

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RT @AprilSolmanTS: Just made my first ever YouTube video!! It’s me reacting to my private messages! Retweet if you…

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sweet biscuit head

A creative. An artist. Certified Chef 👨🏾‍🍳🔪 - Internationally trained 🌎 - International Hotel School 👩🏾‍🎓🇿🇦 - - IG - @snezzy_loove

RT @tamlyncanham: "I don't know what tomorrow looks like without you... What I do know is I am happy to have you as an angel... This is not…

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MyEntireMEWorld 💖 (semi-IA)

Love everything about you @MSuppasit 💙🤟 #MewSuppasit ☀️🌕⭐🌎

RT @MSuppasit: Like I always say!! Thank you so much for always supporting me. Thank you to everything that brought us together. You guys a…

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@RealmOfAuclair : She's a beautiful kind of madness, a misunderstood truth and everything real in a world of make-believe.

Congratulations, my little sister! I love the whole concept on your MV and now your song running around in my head,…

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Pope's Army


Today is when I decided I love my daughter more then I love my job … I quit!!

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RT @abiroberts: I’m in a place with @BBCNews on and I cannot believe my eyes and ears. They are gleefully pushing an experimental vaccine,…

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