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The Mexilorian

24 | Up & Coming Graphic Designer | Born & Raised In DFW | Dallas Sports Fan | A Huge Nerd | A Tejano who doesn’t give a shit about most things.

@OriginalFunko We need some Mighty Ducks Pops, especially with the new series como this year.

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Jason Jimbo Ritter

JUst a Fan Of COmic Books, Lover of Movies/Film and Hopes of Getting into Filmaking business one day

@SomeInternetShw I am really Enjoying your CObra Kai commentary videos once you are done with season 3 would you co…

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Ed (FPL)

I tweet about #FPL & #ChampManFPL Christian & #NUFC fan. @FPLFEST

Just watching Mighty Ducks. Didn't realise Marcus Alonso used to play for them...

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Sports & Motivation

Sometimes we have to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, and just see what happens.

RT @TheHockeyNews: The countdown continues with (81-to-90)...want a few hints of who made the list? • A @usahockey Women's Team winger •…

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RT @lcarreradesign: Hi, I’m a freelance artist and love working on concept art, comics & character designs! I’m currently working as an Art…

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Keith Wheeler

@Chargers Heck yeah. Always support my Oregon Ducks! Go Mighty Oregon!

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@WDWNT Mighty ducks is terrible too

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Musician and On Cinema enthusiast. 🇸🇪 #TimHead & @lauradmcbryde's mister

@lauradmcbryde @JeebusTrump Mighty Ducks was my childhood!

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RT @MrMarkzilla: All hail the mighty Snow Duck Empire! I've filled everywhere with Snow Ducks today and tomorrow morning there's an almost…

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Forever Mighty

Podcast hosted by @eddyvanjones, @pmahones and @jason_lamb, covering the Anaheim Ducks! Ft. @ImKeithSettles & @TheHockeyBoomer. @bluewirepods #THW

NEW EPISODE of the Forever Mighty Podcast! Listen: or wherever you get your podcasts! 🦆:…

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FPL Trueman👀

Manager of Sporting Oldbury FC👴🏿⚽️CFC💙 Writer for @allaboutfpl✒ Ranks: 18/19:39K// 🌍19/20:514th 🌍Current Rank: 490K #CreateDontTemplate Yolande!!

@AbedienSyed STOP IT!!! Benching robbo vs big sides... I've been there😅 Been as we all have Bruno.. him to get in…

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Annie the Smooth

Smooth not shaved. Colwick's Hell on Heels. Watch your shoes. Seriously! Major Banana of #ZSHQ. Sis to Sgt Fender and KC.

@SlinkyDog10 The Mighty Ducks! Who doesn't love them?!

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49ers Faithful | Hook’Em 🤘🏼| Sometimes I’m funny.🎮🎧|49erx|PAC0S1NBAD

@ThatGuy_Ryan_ Seen this already in mighty ducks.

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Jennie Kinney

RT @AltitudeSR: John Gibson & his extra-wide goal pipes were Mighty tonight. @RajOnRadio & @MarkAMark are here with a dose of sports talk t…

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Competitive Rainbow Six player | uplay: wellsy. | Xbox player transitioned to PC

Drones coming at me in some mighty ducks formation🤣

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