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Jordan Sklar

@EvanRobertsWFAN Mickey Callaway

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@genymets Only if Mickey Callaway and Jared Porter are in it

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True Die Hard NY Mets,NY Rangers,NY Knicks,NY Giants,NY Red Bulls,and Barcelona FC!!! Also avid book reader!!! 🚫 DMs 🚫

RT @01Starblazer: Sandy's last 3 major hires... *Mickey Callaway *Jared Porter + Zach Scott *- on MLB Suspended List +- on Mets Suspended L…

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Dad, teacher, music lover, history buff, and sports fan. Do not fall for imitators. I'm the one and only Blazer!

Sandy's last 3 major hires... *Mickey Callaway *Jared Porter + Zach Scott *- on MLB Suspended List +- on Mets Suspe…

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SO LONG FRED, JEFF, AND SAUL!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 Looking forward to brighter Mets days with Uncle Stevie Cohen!

Sandy Alderson seems to be man standing in way of Theo Epstein or Billy Beane coming to #Mets. Keep in mind: Alders…

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Democracy is how we stay free. We owe each other a chance!

@MiracleMets19 @StevenACohen2 Giancarlo Stanton. Chritian Yelich. JT Realmuto. Dee Gordon. Jose Fernandez. 2003 Wor…

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The Goof™

Baaaack after a loooong nap. Got all my shots, but refuse to be neutered! Mets, Peanuts, Pearl Jam and Mackey the dog RULE. Please adopt me, @StevenACohen2!

"There have been some calls for owner Cohen to move on from Alderson due to questions about his vetting of previous…

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Clayton Caldwell

Cale’s dad, @lisacaldwell88’s hubby. Host of @talkingNcircles. Contributor to @frontstretch & Write Mets for @sportsnationnyc & @metsmerized.

@michaelgbaron Remember Sandy is also the guy who was “blown away,” by Mickey Callaway. If he’s involved in hirin…

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@StevenACohen2 Mickey Callaway

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Brian K

In the warm window at the end of the road.

It was Mickey Callaway. Fly me to New York to watch your pathetic team lose.

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#Mets #LFGM #LGM | #Isles #LGI #YesYesYes

@StevenACohen2 Mickey Callaway.

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| NYM, NYG, NYK, NYR | Host: @NextManUpNY | Ranting about my teams, probably. Check out my NY sports podcast ⬇️ 🇵🇱🇵🇷🇺🇸

@AnthonyDiComo Fire him. Mickey Callaway 2.0 don’t waste our time with his fakeness.

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Delusional Mets Fan

Hardcore Mets Fan, Baseball Card Enthusiast, 2x Softball League Champion (1993/1997), Trump University Alumni, Brett Baty Stan

@HiNmightyDodger They made the WS with them atleast in 2015, but after that they havent done too well. When you hav…

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They did have one winning season in 2019 under Mickey Callaway, otherwise since 2017, it's been rough & the last co…

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