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RT @CrispianWheldon: #MargaretHodge conflated Israel with Jews in a tweet the other day. If I provide you with full details can you confirm…

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@RupaHuq There are so many things I want to say to you. You’re only apologising for your benefit. Ill judged? I’m w…

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Angie The Bitch i used to follow Cath.

I Hate torys with a passion. POXY DEMOCIDAL PERVERTS.

RT @sphenefan: @ciabaudo Tell me where their influence dos not reach ,Be Afraid ,very AFRAID #MargaretHodge #TheFamily 👤👤👤

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(d)eco tawhido sylatian londinium antijionjom, as in antichetona

lying colonial particulate #MargaretHodge being platformed by BBC bleating about morality!

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