Proudly yoruba.

@willythaddy62 @olumideojo191 You can fight the enemy from within. Kanu is a freedom fighter. Mandela himself foug…

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Pat Malone

Austin business lawyer, granddad, military family, increasingly outraged at tRump and Republicans. Abbott is an idiot!

RT @GeeGeeAkili: @ReportsDaNews Just wait till we add Val Demings to replace Matt Gaetz, Connor Lamb in PA, Mandela Barnes to replace Ron…

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BB Be kind 💕

Have courage & Be Kind. Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic #art #AnimalLover💜 #CatLover 🐾 #nature #BW 📷

RT @nomoreabuse2018: “We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in any society, a life free from violence and fear.” ~ Nelson Mande…

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A Ghanaian 🇬🇭 ||Yesu Kristo || Chelsea fc || RealMadrista ||Hylife music 👌🏾 . GOD IS GOOD ALL THE 🕰

@Wilf_Mandela 😜😜😜😜

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Prabhakarswamy 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

@Indumakalktchi Films like Bahubali series,enthiran series gives tough to Hollywood could have been chosen.. even Mandela was a good choice

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clarie07 🇦🇷♉️🐕 #SOSCuba

Del 41% pero no doy cheque en blanco a nadie. Quiero volver a tener el pais con los valores que me legaron mis ancestros.

RT @RestauradoraDe: escena? Su propia bandera es similar a la nueva Sud Africana, luego del apartheid. Utilizaron a Mandela, y ahora desean…

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Bhavin Champaneri

RT @ErikSolheim: Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. —Nelson Mandela https://t.…

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its a hell world and im hell living in it

Grey, 25, she/they, biggol lesbian. I talk a lot at once and deal poorly with heat | Seiren Marinterre/Midgardsormr | icon by @ovamagus | i KISS @zoteliker

RT @LostTurntable: Tom Cruise's Mummy movie bombed so hard that some people think it was a Mandela Effect, something that didn't exist in o…

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Republicana, Pinochetista, Atrevidamente facha y Bot ✌️

@A_Raiser06 @melnicksergio Don @melnicksergio aplaste a esta polilla intergaláctica y mandela a Asgaar, Cibertron,…

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Ah, pero Macri....

Electricista Domiciliario. Instalador de Aire Acondicionado Split. Tu pregunta no molesta. Lo importante: Amar sin esperar nada a cambio. Si me seguis te sigo

RT @silvinamainetti: Manes diciendo que primero tenes que ir preso y después recusar al juez... total Mandela estuvo preso injustamente mu…

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Nunca voté, ni votaré a un peronista, socialista, comunista, kirchnerista. Te sigo sí me seguís!

RT @silvinamainetti: Manes diciendo que primero tenes que ir preso y después recusar al juez... total Mandela estuvo preso injustamente mu…

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Community Activist | EFF Ground Force | African | Dialectical materialist | Tweets in personal Capacity | Retweet’s is not endorsement |#FreePalestine #VoteEFF

RT @EFFSouthAfrica: CIC @Julius_S_Malema addressing a Community Meeting in Mandela Park, Mthatha #LandAndJobsManje #VoteEFF…

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Luciano Georger

🇨🇱 🇫🇷 Periodista en formación🎙🎥 Geek, Cinéfilo, fan de STAR WARS y del MCU. Sí, bien nerd🤓

RT @DiazpNati: Un día como hoy en 1972 . Salvador Allende es ovacionado en la ONU, aplausos que sólo se repetirán años más tarde con Nelson…

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Francisco Xavier

@AndreLajst Outras personalidades judaicas que divergem de vc: Norman Filkstein,Noam Chomsky,Hannah Arendt,Eric Hob…

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Columba Gallagher

@80_mcswan Nelson Mandela.

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