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Yannick Oda

will have an opinion on everything.

@ahleach That they are. Hoping for a refresh next year. Malcolm Blight was funny, now it’s just boring.

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Nick Haines

Football Historian and lover of alternative music

@swishtter How lucky were we? Growing up with Robran and Ebert...and a little bit of Malcolm Blight thrown in for good measure.

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Teflon Snake

Old school North supporter. Likes: Intelligence & honesty Dislikes: Poseurs

Kane, if you listen to opinions from recruiters who tell you Jack Lukosious is the next Malcolm Blight.........then…

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John Kalokathis

Life is better in Black & White ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️

@NicholasSacco22 I see what you’re saying, but the guy is a pay cheque coach and has been for years. Didn’t deserve…

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Tim Harcourt

Industry Professor & Chief Economist IPPG UTS Author & Host: The Airport Economist, TV Presenter, Economist, Historian, public speaker, media commentator

RT @rohancct: @benfjordan @TimHarcourt @GrayConnolly Buckley’s father Ray played in the SANFL before going up to NT and playing there. Thin…

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🥛 enthusiast

@benfjordan @TimHarcourt @GrayConnolly Buckley’s father Ray played in the SANFL before going up to NT and playing t…

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28. Adelaide. Communications Advisor. Music lover, Essendon nutcase, and average gamer.

Loving the flashback to the 2000 Grand Final on @FOXFOOTY. Genuine superstar Bombers all over the ground, so many g…

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Terri Howe

Amateur Bird and Nature Photographer

North Melbourne’s Malcolm Blight sparks one up during the 1977 GF Replay post match ceremony.

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Ethan David 🦛

Proud Indian-Australian • @HawthornFC • @hawthornaflw • @AZCardinals • @PennStateFball • @LFC • @SeattleKraken • @PhilaUnion • @tigers • @storm

Daniel Talia 200 games (Adelaide) 6 goals Malcolm Blight Medal Winner 2014 All Australian 2014, 2016 AFL Rising Sta…

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Shayne Calliss

Grower of organic things. Lover of nature. Essendon & Sturt fan. Wiltipol sheep. Wannabe farmer. Bit of a catch. Port lincoln, South Australia. Farmecologist

@davegraney Malcolm Blight should have played in America

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