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Gevorg Mirzoyan

some people have no love no empathy only fraud

@GuardaWallet @firoorg @monero @Digibyte reuben why you grow up to make a scam team ? is that the only way you can earn money ?

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♡ you will be found ♡

RT @WestEndLIVE: Did you miss us? #WestEndLIVE is returning #BackOnStage on 18 - 19 September 2021. Make sure you're following our social…

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@duchess80354553 @angelalevin1 victim! You can’t make this up! Another claim that Meghan commented she wasn’t there…

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Member of the Public (the losing side)

RT @GerardAMorrow: Seldom disagree with you but I have an element of expertise in software development. Ferguson’s software, the one he use…

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18 , ot7 simp over namjoon : confirmed.

RT @BTStranslation_: is a Run BTS survey supposed to be this hard i can't make up my heart on some answers 😭

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40 yrs old love life live each day as if its your last

RT @BritishCanoeing: It's not to be for Kimberley Woods today An early penalty on gate 4 followed by another on gate 12 made it difficult…

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Flynn 🇵🇭🐂

#SAFEMOON 🚀 #Punani 🐚 #CryptoBulls 🐂

RT @CryptoMayhemYT: Well we did it just under 1 day and we are on CoinGecko!!!! Make sure to Vote up and add to your Watchlist!!! https:/…

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shalissa calloway

never introduce me to a vibe you can’t maintain

just woke up from a nap and i dreamt about going to the mall, shopping... why can’t the government just be good at…

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Arsenal blogger. Will RT what I like, not what I'm asked. Fan of Bourbon, Bowie, German Shepherds, and Pires (not in that order). Also @andrewmanganVO.

@AdjustRanking10 Yep, well up for this if we can make it happen.

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M R • M E T I O 😎

Ça me coûte rien de follow back, Fav et Rt tout le monde. c’est comme R pour moi 😌❤️

RT @NicolasBitodi: «Née de nouveau» est entrain de mettre make up pour séduire Dieu à l’église… - Ma sœur le pasteur est marié les frères s…

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Patreon - Pixiv - Shitty Artist/Cosplayer Do not use my works

I remember seeing someone make an edit of one of these memes but its a really sped up montage of the attack on tita…

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Wandha Alzentaa

RT @al_slankers: one of my favourite things to do is to make the room really dark and then light it up with candles كود خصم فوغا كلوسيت KG…

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Collective account, fact checking nationalist claims. Not affiliated to, it’s just a bloody marvellous website. Go have a look.

@Morphington Who knows, the make it all up as they go along.


Miss Tammy Puffa Queen Sparkle....💫🐯🌟👠🍸💄💋🌈

A kind lady who looks out for her friends xxx The Queen of Puffas xxx Mental health and anxiety fighter xxx @btcc and @dtm watcher xxx #staysafe

@pixiedooo My pleasure always xxx it does make a difference xxx I get that happen and it sets my day up xxx you are so welcome hun xxx

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SixTONESのファン歴が浅いvote垢です🔰アドバイス等してくださると助かります🙏Ⓜ📺リク用に作りました 通知は切ってあるので💥対策はいつでもどこにでもどうぞ! アイコンは とわのフリー素材垢さん(@st_37312)からお借りしています

RT @tomochi_vote2: REQUEST #SixTONES @MTV #FridayLivestream I hope "マスカラ" will be played on FLS. Please check MV ▶︎…

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