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🇦🇱||🇲🇪 snap: merissagilic

RT @FokYouSel: fuck cancer. rest in peace grandpa, i love u man. till we meet again ❤️

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#TAEIL: tote bag stays on during sex

happy bday to the loml i love u king #HappyYutaDay #ハッピーバースデー中本悠太 #YutaIsOurHome #우리의_인생모토_유타_생일축하해

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@sanasbear i love u

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I’m just here to make myself laugh

RT @ArlettaDayanara: wait hold on ? how do u cheat on a person you claim you love ? How does that work ? It really makes no sense to me. If…

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gabriela⁷ has a juicy ass

got me happy @yoongisgarden┊she/her

@yoongisgarden and goodnight love u always

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⟭⟬ ᴮᴱZarin⁷ ⟬⟭ 🇧🇩

SHINE, DREAM, SMILE and Light it up like a DYNAMITE ! 🌟 ifb 💜 #BTSARMY #OT7 #MOA

@RamenYooongles Life goes on,Let's Live on :) We all have to go through our own sh!ts,& I'll never understand what…

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Mya | 22 years old | Digital Artist on Instagram | Parabatri- @angelhannah123 & @Pixiedustburns | ShadowFam and Theatre Lover ♥️♥️♥️| she/her

RT @cozygnomes: when you tell ur online friends you made food and they say "can i have some" and you say yes. and u guys keep making that s…

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@DivinedestinyDt God got a purpose and a plan in ALL things baby girl!! You have an anointed perseverance, everythi…

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dein 🦊📌

北 : ちゃんとやんねん 🌾 // 25+ // ao3: moshmxllo ; art: moments📍// inarizaki #1 && 🍙🦉

6669 bat ka pa sumali dito sa game na to char icb we've been friends for almost 4 yrs na? from fandom to irl frien…

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i miss bts

@jimchimslover @btsisoreo @kookithess @SparklingVante @filterjmin @wastelandhobi @egokoobi @shyjmn @ravishkoo…

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Nephew Tommy 💉

disappear with me

@GoofxGoof Yk we love u king but u can delete dis ty

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YUTA DAY !? | all projects on📌

base for yuta|| osaka prince 🐙💚 gunakan trigger nayuta! agar menfess terkirim yaa 😊|| manual base

liat dech bangga bgt uee, thank you yutazens love u guys so much! pls keep supporting nayuta! <33

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lazy sushi

i'll die trying to be better than yesterday

RT @junakarma: I love friendships that are just casual. You talk when you talk and it's okay if you need space for awhile. You invite them…

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lez 🦇

18 ♻️ she/her

@heavenbrat the way i love everything u say anyways

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@WriteOnMe7 Well I love you so u got it even if u don’t want

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