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|if I say something dumb it is more than likely told as a joke| @dkimageeveryday| video game enjoyer| orangutan advocate|

I can’t decide if I should choose the gyro zeppeli profile picture or the King K. Rool one

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n. His weird red eye has seem some shit. I do not dare to dream what horrors my King has seen. Nor do I care. All I…

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Computer Science Major | Loves Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Fate, Re:Zero, and Prehistoric Junk | Big Nintendo and JRPG fan

@hildthelady Everyone I already played, I already play as King K Rool and other low tiers so it’s fine

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Kyle DeNigris 🐊

Voice Actor | 3D Animator | Professional Dumbass. For business inquiries: Profile Picture: @TangyTang94 Pronouns are He/Him!


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フフフ…勝利が見えたのだ クレムリン軍団はこれよりお前達に味方する!

❄️Grinchio B❄️

Welcome to Wario World! 🧄 | I’m a guy | 16 | Huge Wario Land and DKC fan | King K. Rool main | I like Flintheart Glomgold | professional Florida man

@VGLS_Wiz I main King K. Rool out of love of the character but him being really fun is a nice bonus

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🖤 ~ ᴘᴜɴᴋʏ ~ 💜 # SaveSmash

Local Mii Brawler Player | Joker ( Batman ) Enthusiast | Plays the video games on occasion | Sleep deprived as all hell | Keep retweets on if you hate yourself

Pov: You got back thrown by King K Rool

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Power Stars are stored in the Tiddies

he/him (I rt'd it for the paw) 18+ gnoll mole armadillo, Don't follow before following my main @rynnyryn full of nsfw and irl pics you have been warned

RT @HornyMalodorous: @BroadsideBull Fuck the bowsette super crown. All my homies want the king k rool crown



NSFW account for @BJames187 (Lemmy)

@BroadsideBull Fuck the bowsette super crown. All my homies want the king k rool crown

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@rayquaza36 and King K Rool Trailer was awesome as well

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Super Smash Bot

A bot that revolves around Smash discussion and speculation! My owner is @koishkoish, please DM her or me for any bot errors or suggestions.

In the next patch, King K. Rool and Patrick need nerfs.

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Smash Matchups

Need some inspiration for a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate battle? This is the place for you.

Stock battle, Simon vs Snake vs Ryu vs King K. Rool, on Skyloft, stage morph off, Low Items, Smash Meter On

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Lockjaw the Totodile

Your friendly neighbourhood Totodile simp. :3 #BringBackNationalDex #BringBackTotodile

@rayquaza36 King K. Rool being added in Ultimate was the moment where I definitely began to love the series. :D

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Big Boof Virik

Just a big boof with tons of love to give and receive|Snuggle levels: Critical|(NSFW-🔞)

found this great thicc animation again, I gotta play more king k rool sometime

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