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Tweeting @kfcgaming everyday until the #KFConsole drops, day 72 The day the KFConsole releases will be the day the…

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Ratcha’s Art Den & RP Corner

“I DRAW STUFF!” || 20 || They/Them || Friendly|| Student/Artist/Gamer/HomeCook/Writer || Literate || US, EST Time || NO MINORS || Info On Pinned ⬇️

The entire gaming industry better up their game. Especially Xbox and PS, they have to keep an eye of for KFC’s new KFConsole 😂

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Open to RP with anyone. Big, little, new or old. Mun is 30+ Read the pin

@TheVolturiTwins @TheAnnoyedTV //It is actually real....

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pfp: @cocoakiwis :) 🧦🧦🧦

@AnthonyAmorim @ScottTheWoz Or the KFConsole smh

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@kfcgaming Bruh give us those Kfconsole deets

Tweetbot for iΟS

woomy365@おかりな--Splatoon 3

He/Him America DMs not open Big Splatoon/Mario fan Asshole+hypocrite that doesn't care about other people's opinions Fall Guys/Among Us isn't dead, Fortnite is

@KFC_ES Kfconsole when

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Estressadinho, Grosso, Sem paciência, não conhece metade das celebridades, tá cagando pro BBB, direto, pessimista, ignorante(ele/him)

@Manel_4lves Gamers de verdade aceitam que o KFConsole vai dominar a indústria 😎😎😎

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Graphic designer & Cinematic observer | Previously @RelogMedia Commission me through Direct messages.

@AkinolaGG is that new KFConsole ?

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I explore the world. It is an addiction to curiosity and new ideas. Building Skynets body..... in need of brain⚡

So stay with me here @thephreck What does one build inside this life changing computer case.

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Kenbron James

YouTuber, I'm gonna speak my mind and try to not be toxic about it... Happy anniversaries pokemon and Zelda.

@PS5RestockAlert I honestly might pass and restock the KFConsole this is ridiculous Lmao

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@Hi_Just_Hi's #HHOC #HHRP, Mun is 17! All art is mine unless told otherwise Header by: @PIMPVALENTINO !! PFP by: @EliSaa_Art

@TheVolturiTwins @CatsOnMars38 // There's also the KFConsole... and im not 100% sure it's a joke... but idk...

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Your boy is makin' orange juice for everyone

@kfcgaming day 1 of also asking for a free KFConsole

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i make dream stans mad lm

call me whatever you want

@arthen15 @soulfulspoon68 @kfcgaming @Twitter kfconsole*** i forgive you ig 🙄

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@kfc Where’s the kfconsole

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