RT @AsYouNotWish: Hathras: A molestation victim’s father gets shot dead by her offender who turns out to be an SP man. A journalist questi…

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Human Rights Advocate

RT @MeganFoxWriter: Worse and worse in #StLouisCounty @ericschmidt your services are needed. Obstruction of justice? #ElainePudlowski #ICar…

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شکرگڑھ ™

‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏میری جان بھی چلی جائے ان چوروں کونہیں چھوڑوں گا،وزیراعظم عمران خان

RT @Lalika79: There is no exception every other journalist is political elites' poodle one way or the other. Just look at @KlasraRauf defen…

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Brian J 🇺🇸💙🌊BLM ✊🏾

BPJ. #RIPMom #MSDStrong. #VegasStrong. #ArianaStrong. Joe Biden-Kamala Harris voter: #ImWithHer, #RidinWithBiden. #DumpTrump #SCStrong. #USCA14 @UofSC Fan

RT @TeeTaylorMade: I spent years working in newsrooms to get stories like this told. I used to get shot down, in tears, for wanting to tell…

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Md Jamshed

If the truth shall kill them, let them die

RT @furquansid: There was a debate on whether Siddique Kappan should be called a "Muslim" journalist. His lawyer and peers cautioned that m…

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🇱🇮🇰🇪Tom Eliyahu بشير Z🇪🇬

MHPSS Worker Lived and worked in FL, CH, Senegal, Liberia, S-Sudan, UAE, Iraq (2x), Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Belgium, North Nigeria, Somaliland. BA&BSc.

RT @AJEnglish: US Rep @Ilhan introduces a bill to sanction Saudi Crown Prince MBS for his role in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi…

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girl, let’s pray for them but I can’t stop being thick...

The only journalist with a good take on this.

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Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom. Albert Einstein

Journalist now that is lol...moron more like it.

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Peter Chan

RT @matanevenoff: In This Video you can clearly see #hongkongpolice attack an innocent journalist who is then knocked out! This behavior fr…

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Being ordinary is my speciality

RT @svaradarajan: The assault on media freedom has started. A horde of cops delivered this notice today demanding compliance with new IT ru…

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christopher busch

Judy Greer fan account

@alanaevansxxx Wow, this guy is a Journalist with a capital J. Will be very interested to read the piece.

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👋 Hier ist der #EUROMAT - Inf-O-Mat. Made with love by @PulseofEurope & @polis180 - wie der 1. transnationale EP19 Wahl-O-Mat

RT @HannaLiubakova: #Belarus Kaciaryna Barysevich, the excellent and brave @tutby journalist, who proved that Raman #Bandarenka was sober,…

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IT Guru,dad to a husky&two smart sons.Husband to an even smarter wife. I'll block anyone, especially Qanon dipshits. Don't tempt me. #dumptrump #resistance #blm

RT @emoontx: I want a journalist to insist that Greg Abbott answer "How many deaths are enough, or are you willing to kill half the people…

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Nation First/ Justice for SSR/ Jai Shri Ram

RT @OpIndia_com: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav was caught off guard when a journalist questioned him about the involvement of his ou…

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#Biden/Harris2020; ISUalum Sociology; now a Nana missing my Grands; INFJ,Art,history, politics & books; trump is toast; #RESIST#HRCwasright

RT @UROCKlive1: So why can we impose sanctions on Russia for poisoning Navalny but not on Saudi Arabia for murdering a journalist and hacki…

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